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Dixie Carter tweeted that the Presale starts tomorrow. The presale codes for the Impact tapings are:

MCTNA625 for June 25
MCTNA626 for June 26
MCTNA627 for June 27.

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You forgot the Wolves are making their TNA house show debut as well. They are scheduled to face The BroMans.

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Wasn't it reported that TNA let Madison go while she was pregnant? That report was wrong, so why should we believe AJ Styles is gone from TNA, and not a storyline?

I am glad Queen Madison is back.

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Another rumor claims that Toby Keith is the celebrity who wants to buy TNA.

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My guess is this will be used to bring back Jeff Jarrett and when he returns he will announce that he signed AJ to a new long term TNA contract.

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Some people may not want to hear this but TNA got hit by the perfect sports storm. Clippers vs Heat, Lakers vs Rockets, Stanford vs Oregon and Vikings vs Redskins on at the same time TNA was on an all the games were good close games. The Clippers vs Heat was a 5 point Heat win, Lakers vs Rockets was a 1 point Lakers win, Stanford beat Oregon by 6 and Minnesota vs Washington was a 7 point Vikings win.

The combined viewership for those games was 16,931,000 which is more than the Bears vs Packers Monday Night Game. No matter what your formula is, if almost 17 million people are watching something else then your leadership will always go down.

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I wasn't talking about you, just about IWC fans that think when one wrestler is fired by one company that they are automatic rejects. It is amazing how if someone leaves TNA and goes to WWE then they made a great move but if a WWE guy goes to TNA then they are rejects and it is really sad.

If you look at the state of WWE they took a guy who was a guy they built up all summer long and have him be WWE Champion for a total of what 1 day and maybe 10 minutes and he loses his title shots afterward and then another wrestler upstages him, steals part of his gimmick and is in the Main Event of one of WWE's big 4 PPV's.

In TNA you have AJ Styles leave the company and is going to defend the World Title, World Wide and people say its WWE idea, but if I recall WCW did something similar before WWE did the angle. It is sad that people who claim to be wrestling fans can't be happy when a wrestler finds a job regardless of what company hired them.

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I really wish people would stop using the word Reject wrong. A reject is a person who was denied something like a job. Marcus Anthony was given a developmental deal and it didn't work out and he was let go. By wrestling fan's definition of rejected that means pretty much the world is full of rejects.

Going by the IWC definition CM Punk is a TNA reject, Triple H, Edge, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge, Brian Pillman, and Eddie Guerrero are all WCW reject's because they were fired from WCW.

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Every company fires wrestlers even WWE. IF you are not going to use them then why keep them around?

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Rumor has it that in 2005 or 2006 when TNA had a sponsor called morphoplex that morphoplex wanted to buy TNA for I believe it was $20 million and turned it down. The Carters probably have had offers but in my opinion it seems like they are committed long term to TNA.