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Drunkenly stumbling out of the pub after watching 'Inglourious Basterds' with the fellas, Sean Deviln didn't realize that there was a WW2 re-enactment setup a few blocks down.

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Those things be uuuugly.

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I got Assassins Creed 2 for $30 off Amazon. I'm debating getting anything else. I have so many games I'm barely half way through. MW2 and L4D2 are eating up most of my time as it is.
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This is one of many games I wish I had more time to put into. I have conflicting feelings about the rewind feature and difficulty. In Forza 2 I was always on my toes keeping from slipping up. Auto braking takes all that tension out, as does the rewind feature. Yes, I know I don't have to use it, but it's almost as if I'm pressing the "Don't make the last 3 laps a waste of my time button" instead of instant win.
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Well I won't have a chance at getting those Veteran achievements, but it's nice to want things.

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Seriously. I expected more funny. At least there's the unfortunate "History Movie" ripoff to look forward to after it's release. Maybe that will provide the cheap laughs.

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I'll have to download this. That video looks cool, reminds me of Tribes a bit.

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Great post! When this and Sabotage (now renamed Velvet Assassin) were first announced I had been confused about the fate of this game. Not quite sold on this concept but it's shaping up to look a lot more interesting than Velvet.

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These look pretty fun.

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Really not a fan of the new 1200pt pricing we've been seeing lately. Last thing I'm going to do is buy five games at this price. I guess even MS is aware of this by offering this deal. Last year, Summer of Games had only a few 1200pt games, one of which was Castle Crashers and its horrible networking issues.

Braid on the other hand was such a unique experience I didn't mind paying out the cash. Not seeing the same innovation in these games however. Still interested in Shadow Complex, MvC2 and TMNT. I'll pass on the other two. More cost effective :P. Got too many games to play as it is.