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The whole line that hospitals must be protected from sick people has bemused me throughout this saga, it seems to turn a problem on its head. Do we not hear the NHS In Crisis howls every single winter, when flu and pneumonia (both notably not vanquished by vaccination) wield death's scythe? We do, because the NHS does not have enough critical care beds, and that is the real story of UK Covid-19.
No doubt there are many reason for our lack of critical care beds in a service so often lauded as 'the envy of the world' but only this year is the reason deemed to be because the stupid public are getting sick.

Ah yes, masks and studies. Denmark? You will perhaps agree with me that there is a difference between a properly fitted medical mask and what is essentially a dust mask as worn by Joe Average in the supermarket? Perhaps you might also agree that exhaled air with all its possibly malign content is only rerouted by a mask, that viral particles are certainly not trapped? You may say that coughs and sneezes spread diseases, and that trapping as many airborne water droplets as possible in a mask must be a good thing? If so, it should always have been a good thing, it will forever be a good thing Covid or no Covid, and never again will humanity be umasked in public.

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'But there can be little doubt that restrictions will be needed...' - I really think there is a lot of doubt, just as there is serious doubt about the true Covid-19 death toll. We are given highly suspect figures for 'deaths within 28 days of positive test' with no assurance that the test was accurate or that a very significant percentage of those mortalities would not have occurred without the presence of Covid-19 in the population. Do you, sir, have a sufficiently questioning attitude?

My view is that Boris Johnson, his government team, and their various advisors, are clutching a tar baby they simply cannot let go of. Having pressed the panic button so early in the outbreak, they cannot and will not backtrack for to do so would be to admit they made colossally damaging and expensive errors. Thus we are obliged to wear masks for which there is zero evidence of medical value, thus a couple can have enjoyable/disappointing/embarrassing sex together but cannot play tennis, thus lifelong partners cannot say goodbye, thus businesses close forever, thus the state's inability to efficiently organise a shameful episode in a brothel is daily exposed, thus generations have their life prospects damaged.

Boris will go to his grave insisting his Covid-19 measures were correct, just as Blair will die without a word of regret for Iraq passing his lips; they're politicians, and unlike we lesser folk can never admit to error. But massive error there has been, I have no doubt of that. OK, I'm 72 and I've mostly had my life, earned my pensions, paid off my mortages, I'm largely unaffected by the great panic. Yet I hurt for the country, I am dismayed for those starting out in life and those yet to be born.

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+ 1001

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As long as the very wealthy see an improvement in living standards I believe we will all be content.

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Indeed, get on with it, man up and grow a pair is always good advice.

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Further to the 'green industrial revolution' touched on by Mr Gauke, there is an excellent critique in the current Spectator :

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I confidently predict that your points A, B, C, D, E, and F will not apply. Further, I predict that hull numbers will not increase and will in fact decrease, and that grand projects being the maritime equivalent of FRES, ie lots of cash spent but F-all delivered, will be announced.

PS I am not a cynic. But I am a realist.

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This is not a sponsored comment and I am not CEO of the Betting and Gaming Council.

Gambling is known to be addictive to some people and should be as strictly controlled as addictive substances. It should not be advertised and should not be available online, of that I am certain.

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What we should remember about Anne Boleyn is that she was an obsession who didn't last, Jane Seymour was waiting in the wings.

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If you look back through the times you have lived in, and the times before that, and through all the preceding centuries, I think you'll find the country was always in a mess as seen through contemporary eyes, it has always been going to hell in a handcart. I assume it always will be.