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They arent Nationalists, all they have set out to do is disrupt Nationalism.

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Its probably Adam Walker talking a load of BS to keep himself in a cushy little job. What is clear about the BNP leadership now is that they are NOT Nationalist, they are self serving greedy traitors.

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Lee Barnes is a passionate and normal working class bloke, people misjudge his passion as aggression.

I have heard some of his ideas and they are great and they I am sure will really impress the listeners tonight.

Lee is an asset to the Freedom Party

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I am sorry for not replying sooner, but I am busy with other things.

However on the issue of numbers etc... we will stop mass immigration so numbers will stop going up from immigration. You will then have those who are criminal, illegal or refuse to integrate who will be deported so that will start to bring their numbers down.

You will also have a natural cycle of those people choosing to leave the country and that will further bring the numbers down.

We will not force people out who are good citizens because of the colour of their skin, nor will we implement birth control measures. If you are so dedicated to this can you tell me what party will do this?

I however dont think we will ever recruit the tiny minority of racial nationalists like yourself, especially as you dont seem to see that your view will never be made national policy. Anyone with a bit of sense will settle for the next best thing, and that is cultural Nationalism which is popular and workable.

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Its time to join British Freedom.

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A brilliant article by Eddy, Griffin and co were depending on a win here to save party moral but they have failed and with reform conference this weekend they will be worried.

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Very good video, I would like to see more of these as the videos are very effective at getting the message out to the general membership.

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Blind Loyalty = Treachery.

If Nick Griffin was passing information to Gerry Gable would you protect him then?

Your post is a cop out to justify you immoral and illegal actions, grow a backbone will you!

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Its an utter disgrace, Griffin is acting like a bloody Fascist dictator and he needs to be deposed of immediately!

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I agree with Peter that the constitution must be simple and short, we dont want anything like the monstrosity that Nick Griffin made.