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My, oh my, aren't we politically correct, Paul Goodman? "And it is necessary to honour the commitment of America and the contribution of Russia, without which the defeat of naziism wouldn’t have happened, at least in the form that took place."
No, it was the defeat of Germany and its allies. As Jordan Peterson would say, freedom means being precise in your language. Let's not forget, as Charles Moore sought to remind people, there was a lot of pacifism about in 1938/9, and it was that to which Chamberlain in part responded. there was also much sympathy with the principle of self-government, a right incorporated in the founding charter of the League of Nations and its successor the UN and which has been habitually denied to the English since, which allowed the anschluss with Austria and subsequent 'invasion' to be unopposed. Not to mention the sudentenlanders.
One of the key lessons from WW1, of which WW2 was very much a continuation as Hitler briefed his Generals as soon as he took office as Chancellor, was that an armistice was not enough. Only the unconditional surrender of Germany would be enough to prevent a third attempt.

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So why did the Tories put her there? It was always obvious she is not PM material. That is just the way she is. It is the Party's fault. The Party is solely responsible for this disastrous PM.

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Yes, because it was personal, not in UK's interests and Blair lied about because he knew he was acting against UK's interests.

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I have always said the transition is intended to align UK's timetable with that of the EU's further integration as laid out in the Five Presidents' report published way back in June 2015. We can be absolutely sure, as David Lidington has already alluded, there will be a second referendum on whether to join the Federal State of Europe as a core or Tier 2 member. The EU's intended treaty changes - first to complete economic and monetary union - will be firmed up by 2019/20 and then for founding the Federal state between 2025 and 2030. Plenty of excuses to continue in 'transition' for at least 10 years if necessary or to end it earlier with a referendum to join the Federal State.

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Exactly. She was made PM by Tories from both Remain and Leave camps believing they could control her. The Remainers are winning. Her failings, which they thought would be to their advantage are the cause of her uselessness in the negotiations. Not her fault. just the way she is. She was put in No 10 by a Tory party that places its personal ambitions and party interests above the interests of the nation.

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With English translations. As it happens I was not very good at Latin but what I did learn has stood me in good stead since. Latin comes up in English surprisingly often either as a source of an English word or as Latin itself. Latin should be taught widely because of its importance to English. I still have my Latin -English dictionary from school, and it is in frequent use. Perhaps there is a better way of doing it but let's remember the impact English translations of the Bible and Latin texts had on religious freedom in England. There is a lesson there which should be applied to Islam. We must not allow any religion incomprehensible to the ordinary English to spread in UK or to have influence over British law. Islam is firmly in this category because it has only one authorised language which is alien to 99% of Brits and has no relevance to understanding English. It is of interest only to linguists, a few diplomats and businessmen, and all Muslims. Maybe a measure as simple as the state authorising an English translation of all Islamic religious foundational texts for use in schools, colleges and universities, madrassas, and public prayer rooms (all Muslim) in UK.

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Of course not, nobody does. But ask yourself why neither Socialism and Islam have little or no respect for democracy. I am just saying they have this in common and this is why Islam is different from every other religion and should be rejected in western democratic states.

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All religious instruction, teaching, writing and services should be required to be conducted in English. No exceptions.

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No. Islam is unlike any other religion or belief system with one exception: communism, with which it shares the necessity for everything in the society in which, respectively, Muslims or communists live to be regulated in strict accordance with the edicts of the leaders of that belief system and, in the case of Islam the Quran and Hadith. Both are equally unacceptable in Western society.

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if you think being a global nation depends on geographic area you are extraordinarily ignorant. The area of the Netherlands is 41.5k km2. UK is 242.5, therefore 6 times more of a global power than the Netherlands. Ranked by GDP, out of 191 countries UK is 5th, the Netherlands 18th. So perhaps you are jealous because UK has a better chance in the outside world than the Netherlands. Or you don't count yourself as the Netherlands but Europe. Yes well Europe's share of world trade is declining and UK's share of EU trade is declining and UK's share of World trade rising. Simple choice really. It isn't about willy waving, it's about common sense and sovereignty.