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I can tell by your hatred for America you need to move to France. Your poor wife and kids would second that so they could stay here and finally be free of the gross embaras sment you bring to their lives.

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The obvious conclusion here is that our liberal court system is a complete failure as a deterrent to bad guys repeating offenses. What we have here figuratively is an electric fence with too little voltage applied to prevent our human livestock from crossing society’s boundary lines. When this happens on the farm we simply up the juice until those that may try to stray beyond acceptable boundaries have reason not to and this problem goes away. Why is it that our city leaders leave all their common sense outside the city limits?

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Pete's Test:
1. Read the following product adv top to bottom.

2. How bad do you want one?

3. If you are tearing at your pants pocket to get your credit card before these are all sold out you really need to rethink why you want to do this.

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The proposition of acquisition and application of deadly force is a serious responsibility, DICK, not just another one of your many failed attempts to bemuse other dim bulb liberals.

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Beats Oklahoma.

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Unfortunately, that is pretty much us.

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What are the chances that DJK and ARob were smoking weed while watching the game last night?

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Play your ball games earlier and you don't need the expense of lights at all. Money saved, cut my taxes.

So what if the roof leaks. If its raining that hard there shouldn't be any ball game. Money saved, cut my taxes.

Drainage problems outside the stadium? Who cares. Money saved, cut my taxes.

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WE ignore you too.

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more like my lack of tolerance for boorish liberals that can not progress past worthless personal attacks. You shameless Gazette-paid agitator, you. I certainly hope this low point you have sunken to is not the highlight of your career.