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Lol! All these people changing their tune after they originally documented Moolah that she treated them badly after she was no longer idolised for the Women’s Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 34 is one hell of a coincidence conspiracy at play here, they are obviously being paid to fix her reputation and to keep their traps shut on saying bad things about her and to try and put her back on the good books in the company’s, sponsors eyes and public eyes.

Dark forces are at work here though Wrestlemania 34 has past this story no longer has any value.

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Looks like Paige is getting back together again with Alberto seeing as she is back hanging out again with Matt Calicchio who hanged out with her whilst she was with Alberto.

Looks like she is up to her no good tricks again by cheating once again behind her new BF Kalan from Atilla.

She is not the sort of person you want in a relationship, she is just a dirty hore who likes going back and forth with one man to another behind their backs.

This bitc* want’s locking up big time.

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This is a complete humiliation so far it’s hard to watch.

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This was the actual police documentation report back in 1956 and Moolah was charged with neglecting her daughter Mary.

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Maryetta Carroll
When Moolah was 14, she had her only biological daughter, Maryetta Carroll, which she named after herself. When Maryetta was an infant, Moolah left her with a friend and, at age 15, went out to pursue a career in wrestling. Moolah would later reconnect with her daughter, who she then forced into wrestling. Maryetta wrestled briefly as Darling Pat Sherry in the late ’60s and early ’70s and was best known for her Marilyn Monroe-like looks. She didn’t last long in the business, and this newspaper clipping explains why:

DAUGHTER OF "SLAVE GIRL MOOLAH" - Mary Carroll, 15 year-old wrestler and daughter of "Slave Girl Moolah" is shown in everyday dress and in her wrestling outfit. Police of Somerville, Mass., are seeking her mother on warrant charging neglect of the girl. Mary claimed she was forced to grapple even though ill.

As a note, Moolah and her daughter were on good terms by the end of Moolah’s life. However, it’s still worth a mention that, in her younger years, Moolah still forced her daughter to go out and wrestle regardless of her health, just so Moolah could have a little bit more money in her pocket.

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The Glamour Girls and The Jumping Bomb Angels
So we’re at the part where Moolah actually destroys women’s tag team wrestling. In the late 1980s, Judy Martin & Leilani Kai formed a tag team called “The Glamour Girls”. The Glamour Girls started competing against The Jumping Bomb Angels in 1988, and it was around this time when they decided to stop working for Moolah. Pissed off at the fact that she could no longer make money off them, Moolah decided to hatch a scheme to bring down The Glamour Girls, a scheme that accidentally saw women’s tag team wrestling fall apart as a result. As the plans for the feud between The Glamour Girls and The Jumping Bomb Angels were to culminate in a match for the WWF Women’s Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania V, Moolah decided that was a lame idea, and instead gave Judy Martin a call saying that the office decided to have The Bomb Angels drop the championship on the very last night of the Japan tour. Thus, on June 8, 1988, despite confusion by both The Bomb Angels and The Glamour Girls, The Glamour Girls won the title by count out.

About three days before we were leaving, Moolah calls the hotel and Judy answers the phone and she says "the office told me to tell you that The Jumping Bomb Angels need to drop the belt on the last night you're here.”

... it might have been Pat Patterson or someone from the office and said "you girls just screwed up”. And Judy asked why and he goes "How could you just go over our heads and switch the belts like that? You just messed everything up for WrestleMania." We tried to tell them about Moolah and it's just like they didn't hear it or care - they were just mad we switched the belts from them.

Because of what happened, The Bomb Angels weren’t asked to come back and the match between The Glamour Girls and The Jumping Bomb Angels at WrestleMania V was scrapped. The belt didn’t even make it to WrestleMania V either, as the WWF decided to retire the WWF Women's Tag Team Championship on February 14, 1989, just a few months before WrestleMania V.

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Dan Parker on Fabulous Moolah neglect charge (Camden Courier-Post 11/30/1956)

New York, Nov. 30–In the richly accented words of Jack (Hassen) Pfefer, the only honest man left in wrestling beside Toots Mondt, “strange tings is happenink!”

The Charleston (W. VA) Ga- zette on Friday, Nov. 23, carried an advertisement for a “girl world title match” between Princess Moolah and Pat Sherry, to be held at the Legion Armoury there last Monday night. Like a Lumberjack’s winter underwear, it never came off.

By one of those coincidences that could happen only in wrestling- the Boston American the following day, Saturday, Nov. 24, carried the explanation under a five column spread on a news story which started as follows: “Somerville police were searching Boston today for ‘Slave girl Moolah,’ woman wrestler cited in a warrant charging neglect of her captivating 15-year-old daughter who said she has been forced to wrestle through convalescing from an appendectomy.

Lt. Thomas J. O’Brien obtained the warrant as a result of a story told by attractive Mary Carroll that she grappled under the ring names of Ruth Ryan and Pat Sherry. Mary who has been wrestling without being paid, showed police letters from two physicians advising her against future bouts. Mary has been staying with her friends in Somerville while her mother, Mrs. Lillian Pino. has been on tour as ‘Slave Girl Moolah’... Lt. O’Brien said Mary complained ‘Moolah’ hadn’t supported her for three months. O’Brien checked with the state department of Labor and the society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children before seeking the neglect warrant.”

If Charlestone fans were dis-appointed because they didn’t see the big title match Monday night, they now know the reason- Princess Moolah alias Slave Girl Moolah
Wasn’t giving any of her namesake to Pat Sherry, really her daughter Mary who has rassled her paw maw for the title on this occasion. The title, which incidentally isn’t recognized by the Olympic committee, was dreamed up by her booker, Toots Mondt, during a veal scaloppine nightmare, and officially bestowed upon her in Baltimore, Sept, 18th. The Bal-timore Sun noted next day that “following the Championship match, which lasted 10 minutes, J. Marshall Boone, Chairman of the State Athletic Commission, presented Slave Girl with the Championship belt and a large bunch of roses.”

I learn through wrestling sour grape vine that Slave Girl Moolah and her husband, Joe Pino of the Bronx a professional wrestler who performs under the name Budy Lee, had to slip $1700 into Toots Mondt’s large, moist mitt, for the Championship belt. As to who paid for the bouquet of roses, I’m not certain except on the score that it wasn’t J Marshall Boone, Maryland’s fearless Boxing commissioner chairman, willing though he al-ways is to do is share in premoting such wholesome entertainment as honest women’s wrestling, to help Sammy Aaronson combat juvenile delinquency. As Grateful Sammy put it, “I can’t bare the blunt of it all by my-self.”

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New Orleans the city full of festivities.

I’m certainly feeling the festivities tonight.

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Wouldn’t surprise me if they managed to get near 3-4m viewers tonight.

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WWE needed an angle to go with after Shane got took out by Sami & Owens last week, which ended with him announcing his leave as Smackdown commissioner and left Daniel Bryan to deal with the situation after he came back off his leave to be at his friends wedding. Now that WWE doctors have finally medically cleared Daniel to compete once again, this sets up an interesting confrontation with Sami & Owens heading into Wrestlemania in New Orleans.