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It’s tantō time for Theresa. Her legacy can escape with some dignity if she resigns now.

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I voted Remain. My family didn’t, all of them 18 to 87. You and yours are increasingly becoming tedious rather than informative/positive as equally as the more bezerkingly Brexiteer contingent are displaying onamistic obsessiveness.

Go positive? Constructive? Or knock one out in your broom cupboard, you’re all becoming the same thing.

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Body language is not one of Theresa’s strengths. When smiling, one’s eyes have to mirror the expression otherwise the smile is nullified by the evident insincerity. With that added bit of stunned rabbit on the M4.

Can we have someone new please with a smidge of gravitas and patriotic determination? Clearly not from the existing Cabinet. Obvs.

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Indeed @Cunir. It's like one of those dragged out documentaries where some editorial jeopardy is introduced to give a frisson of ‘will they won’t they’ to enthuse the viewer. In reality, political careers, opportunity and blame opportunities are being disputed and agreed and the electorate can go #### itself. Because they long since concluded that it already has.

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That is somewhat of an idiosyncratic observation. An English nationalist, no more than a Scottish nationalist, would not give a flying baboon's butt cheeks about the Union. That's rather the point.

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And Welsh, so that will be around 87% of the UK population 'obsessed' or otherwise.

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It doesn’t take much of a Google to determine common characteristics in terms of perpetrator, victim and motivation. If my child was a victim then I would be a bit keen to see profiling applied, with ‘accuracy’ and measurable effect.

I would request the same equivalence of punishment between carrying a concealed weapon regardless of whether it happens to be a knife or a handgun. Demonstrably, the lethality is no different in close quarters. And it will and is already escalating from knives to firearms.

The absurdity of bleating about victimisation and ‘racism’ whilst the victims pile up may well suit an agenda but not the aftermath in the crematorium.

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In 1542 the Witchcraft Act was introduced in England to assist in property disputes between neighbours. All that one had to do was to suggest that a female member of the opposing family was suckling cats and witchbrooming. An estimated 500 females in England were executed for magical Harry Potterness but it would seem like a variant of this activity is still extant in Pakistan.

In Salem the religious based killing was put down to mob hysteria. As in modern day Pakistan. I think I prefer witches.

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Apologies. I suppose I was saying that the male author of this article was stating that females (without pussy footing around) would have to start boiling reusable nappies again to save his version of the planet.

Naturally, as a male, he will move onto sanitary products as another environmental disaster. And make-up wipes, acetone nail polish remover and sheep based lanolin lipstick probably. It always fascinated me that, when bagging the dags cut from the rear of the fleece, are sold onto cosmetics producers. Sheep cleg-nuts as lipstick.

Males. How are we inconvenienced? And yes, I have an image of a sheep being stuffed down the lavatory next to the theatre of engagement.

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Where are we with female, single use, sanitary products? 17,000 thereof used per lifetime and made from up to 90% of crude oil plastics. Not only do these not biodegrade but they also block up the plumbing causing me a big faff involving rubber gauntlets and rods.

Research indicates that DIY versions can be made from papyrus, paper, wool and apparently animal fur which all biodegrade responsibly. This is a far bigger issue than nappies and with a little imagination women could do their bit to help beyond the child rearing.