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Sorry, just in the warm afterglow of my orgaspresm.

More significantly, I saw the Cable in my village up against the local Tory MP Vis EU. Cable stated to the audience that we were irrelevant. The EuroRef was purely advisory and that ‘He’ would decide along with his fellow Philosopher Kings/MPs/tw#ts.

I was not convinced. Slightly afterwards he was flirting with our local fecund maidens in the style of jus primae noctis. He reminded me of Montgomery Burns. But slightly less dead.

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Why does the Russian mafia choose to come to London? Because one’s assets have security and one can trot down to Knightsbridge and buy as many diamond encrusted bidets and solid gold flamingos as one feels like. A bit like the Romanovs, once upon another time, with eggs.

Just as a nation has a credit rating there is also a national rating assessed according to the probability of civil insurrection, having one’s property torched or confiscated and/or being shot at etc. And the UK has an AAA rating. You can spend your ill-gotten gains and wash your money laundering in London with little threat from a violent revolutionary populace or a ‘morally’ driven government sequestering one’s assets.

Which begs the question. Why does Putin want to destabilise the West given that it is the only useful destination for Russian billions? Not much point having endless wads if you can’t actually spend it on stuff and accumulate ‘legitimate’ wealth.

Why the blatantly advertised manipulation and subversion of Western democracy?

What is Putin’s motivation? If I was an oligarch, one of Putin’s extended circle of the obscenely rich looking to enjoy the rewards of obscenity in the West, I’d be very worried. He’s moved on from being one of you. He’s bored of the money. He wants something else and you will not enjoy the ride unless you’ve got your very own T-14 Armata and a luxuriously appointed bunker.

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How, and in what way, did the UK encourage the actions taken by the Myanmar govt. against the Rohingya? Other than to assist in elevating the status, and reward, of Aung San Suu Kyi to that of Mandela and to pump UK aid into Myanmar to encourage ‘inclusive tourism’ (Google it, this is where our money goes).

The virtue signalling of soft power, as defined and evidenced in Myanmar, as clearly self-defeating.

The pointlessness of projecting soft power as an exercise in moral conceit. Making those that know better feel better. Then, guess what? That same sense of moral superiority as Mohammed Amin puts it, taking a moral stand, now asks for hard power, sanctions, duress, force and potentially military action.

No thank you. Had enough. Of aiding/bombing people into democracy.

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May I take this opportunity to say that Wiltshire is not a nuclear target? We have no money at all and are officially the poorest county in England.

We have no military assets or infrastructure. Porton Down, Boscombe Down, the Land Warfare Centre, Larkhill, Salisbury Plain etc are all civilian leisure facilities and what might appear to be main battle tanks are, in fact, inflatable bouncy castles. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Notwithstanding. I agree at the people level, we should remain civil. At the state level, Putin needs a slap such that the apparatus of state control is made to look impotent. This can be achieved by asymmetric means if we are defining asymmetry as inclusive of cyber retaliation.

At a people to people level, injuring and killing folks with neuro-toxins in my local town, where my family and I shop and socialise, is not acceptable. It is not nice. I would sincerely hope that GCHQ will deposit some virtual-novichok on Russian servers and systems. Causing months of de-contamination (Salisbury). And of course. Deny any involvement but with a greater finesse.

Like Russia has caused to the NHS and UK commercial businesses of which I am personally aware.

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Indeed, I imagine that his or her cyber supervisor is already packing the suitcase marked Siberia.

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Don’t know how honey-traps ever worked, myself. Back in the day most Soviet women had wooden teeth and an aroma redolent of a distiller’s wellies.

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I'd assume that this is already underway.

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Oi! Trolov PhilGiraldi.

The irony is that in presenting an alternative case to that of Plod and HMG in such a transparently ludicrous way you discredit other alternative scenarios that may actually have some merit.

Not so much about don’t shoot the messenger but more about the messenger shooting himself repeatedly in the foot. But don’t let me hold you back. Keep firing away. Hoppy.

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Why suspicious looking? You’re not being Slavophobic are you? And, no, they did not have t-shirts with Trained Assassin emblazoned on the front with the GRU World Tour dates on the back.