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I would remain in my armchair if I were you. Human societal structures have consistently been based throughout history upon the control of an elite. Wealth/power has always been focused upon a small percentage of the populace and despite Marxist analysis, feudalism as the natural human model, sustains and maintains throughout both capitalism and communism and attempted variants thereof.

Violent or gradualistic revolution merely changes the personnel not the personality of each supplanting regime. The trick has always been in managing dependencies. Things like the value of one’s parents’ house, my sense of personal security as enforced by existing state structures, my job, career prospects as provided by the state (see USSR, PRC and Venezuela for example) or in other words, my position in the feudalist hierarchy. Dependency.

The most successful model has always been and will always be feudalism.

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Soldier F saw 10,000 bikers in London in the same week that we saw a couple of hundred pink show boaters. The former did not bring London to a halt, hence the lack of media coverage.

Meanwhile, ten adolescents called Tarquin, Cressida &c blub at Heathrow, and the media weeps in shared despair. And St Emma of Carbon Footprint flies 5,000 miles to lend support.

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These pieces are not written by the ‘author’ he’s far too busy. They are knocked out by interns, fresh from university, hence the errors. Ironic. A bit. Given the thrust.

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Personally, I believe, that the lower orders should have no voice in public discourse. The views of the ill-educated masses are inconsistent with my world view and I have written to Nick Clegg at Menlo Park to ensure that Facebook & Instagram close down all forms of access for the sub-epsilon dregs, populists and UKIP types. Not without success, I might add.

To be helpful, as you appear slightly dense, I am not supporting your analysis.

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(A)Middle-class angst with privately educated guilt and inverted snobbery. With a frisson of not getting into Oxbridge despite the advantage of pater’s wad.
(B)A cloud of Dr Gail Bradbrook’s class A. I am currently trying to source mugwort and to register the brand name.

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Get some hair downstairs.

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Dr Gail Bradbrook informed me this morning that I can actively rebel, insurrect and cause working people distress, fill my boots, and have fun,fun,fun doing it. Got a problem? Democracy not floating your pink boat? Then bring London to a standstill.

I have checked her biog and it seems that I need to have my brain reconfigured in order to enable this. I have to carbon footprint my way to Costa Rica and hallucinogenic myself up on ibogaine and ayahuasca and then jet back to Blighty for a toke on ye olde Celtic mugwort.

“She said the drugs 'rewired' her brain and gave her 'the codes of social change'.”

The next requirement is a sympathetic London Mayor and Met. There’ll be dancing in the streets with police officers and then it’s back to Gloucestershire for some tipi based Wicca worshipping and mainline some more mugwort.

Meanwhile, whilst protesting pro-Brexit with a Union flag and a can of Stella, one can expect a right good kicking. Irresponsible yobs! Protesting is soooo middle-class these days. Like Glastonbury but slightly more redolent of ar#e.

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The BBC/TV is heading in the same direction as newsprint. The consumer is moving away from live TV to online content providers such as YouTube. This suggests that the BBC licence fee impacts more upon the young: why pay for something that is increasingly irrelevant?

‘6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV. By 2025, half of viewers under 32 will not subscribe to a pay-TV service. In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube.’

The option for a viable future for the BBC is a newspaper style paywall rather than the iniquity of compulsory, legally enforced, subscription. A poundshop Netflix or Amazon sub-Prime.

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Ceteris paribus would suggest, therefore, that the other economies within the EU should also be ‘booming’. Which is evidently not the case. Ergo, @AlexanderTheHog, may well be correct in that a disengaged government enhances economic performance. Despite the best efforts of Brokenshire today.

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On both sides of the divide, left and right. Interestingly, the left is rarely described as far left whilst the right is far right by default. Which brings us back to Lammy.

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