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Well, she's right where she should be. In the asylum.

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I'm right there with you, sobbing. It's a nightmare but I'm awake!

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Not only is my snark tank depleted - but my snark about my snark tank being depleted is depleted.

I'm laying the groundwork for a flight from this country within a year or less, if the debt ceiling is breached and we head into collapse. I've already picked the country (I have family there) and I've set aside the money. This is not my country anymore, it's not a democracy, it's not functioning.

It appears to be in terminal decline, and I'm physically sickened and crestfallen about it. All joking about it is the saddest kind of gallows humor.

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Seriously, you guys, can we just have an orderly secession already? I'm spent.

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The Aiken's Diet

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No snark. The video and the whole situation make me too sad. All I can say is, Rebecca, you're awesome! Please keep doing what you're doing!

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I've been trying to come up with a Todd Akin "shut down" joke, but it's escaping me.

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I'll keep a critical eye on the Republicans and the Democrats. I don't belong to either party. I've lost all hope in politics and politicians. They're almost universally corrupt, they have very little power, and they seem to have less and less grasp on political meaning.

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Yeah, except that the two men who most helped cause this crisis - Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan - were disciples of Ayn Rand.

Look up Milton Friedman's influence on Iceland's Independence Party. Now notice that Iceland is completely bankrupt and running out of food.

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how much do you like the shining city after bush's renovations?