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why didnt they call it a coup d'etat?

Silk, Pig, Hats..go figure.

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Spare me the mumbo jumbo stick wagging voodoo. WIlders is nothing more than a man on the run from enemies he freely choose to identify and call out, that to me doesnt mean hes the 2nd comming of Jebus'H'Crisp infact it indicates that he doesnt understand how the world really works. And like all well trained Jedi/Kikes he pulls the Nazis out of his ass to whip up credibility.

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Do YOU want to live under Sharia Law?

Why do you think im flying the black flag of going solo? We have Sharia active in Britain you muppet. That in itself is another notch on the ratchet towards multi-community-ism. You can take your belly aching about multi-culturalism and smoke it, this has far wider implications than the diverse cultural consumerist areas of the City of London.

Wilders has made his own bed by distancing the National Socialists. He knows the EU will not approve of his objections to Islam and he is left with few options to steer his countrymen away from the iceberg. He has cooked his own goose, because like it or not people are not keen on excluding Islam from the EU because we are still reliant on trade with Islamic states.

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those things trickle down through the development of ... vote whoring. Thats what democracy has given the west, find a minority group, elevate it to victim status, pretend you can offer the victims greater power in the workplace/education system, profit & win....and now were getting to extremes. Look no further than transgenders......Ive read stories about schools trying to stamp out homophobia...but man have they a can of worms on thier hands now.

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I wonder what Wilders would do when he is made to face the facts,now set aside all this jetting off to "Big-Brother" land and venting ones spleen in regards to laws that are supposed there to enshrine the most basic and fundamental of freedoms he comes back down to earth and realise, through all his rants and raves about National Socialism he personally will be reduced to few other options than what he percieves as synonomous with Islamic Fascism.

If the people of Holland (?) dont want to listen to him, if the authorities of another EU member state refuse to accomodate for his (to some) rabble rousing then he personaly has few options at his disposal. Its all well and good getting the medias shoulder to cry upon, especially that of pin badge wearing 'We <3 Israel" American media but that will not change the situation in Europe at all. Unless of course he wants America to 'liberate' Europe once more with all the tonnage of bombs they can spare.... Nope I think Mr Wilders has cooked his own goose now that he has dragged the NAZI's out of his bag of tricks.

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First they came for home distills, and I was not a rum swigging pirate so I did not care.
Then they came for the knives and cutlass. I was not a combat pirate so I did not care.
Then they came for the interest rates on our booty, and we had nothing to get drunk out of our minds on and no way to secure our secret treasure cove.

Yarrr its a pirates life.

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Of course he is, and when the men in white coats armed with butterfly nets start doing the rounds he will be sipping martinis in one of the jewish strong holds states-side or in Israel getting briefed on the alarm system.

Dont worry about the fallout left behind, thats up to landless peons like me that cant even get the banks to make loans on mortgages.

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So much for asking for thier money back...

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The warnings that Ron Paul et al make about power politics do get ignored on the MSM and when they are fairly challanged in debate they get rebuked as unessesary isolationism, the cliffhanger question being 'what about Israel'. It always boils down to that, can the US let Israel sleep in the bed it has made for itself or will it forever be its bedside nurse. And while we know muslims are capable and entirely willing to turn towards militant ends in order to bring about change in US foriegn politics im positive New Yorks jews alone who are entrenched in finance etc are even more capable and dangerous when it comes to US national security.

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You dont need to burn books in order to control the thoughts of people, you just need to be incontrol of which ones are made available to them.

Not that im in anyway inclined to read Jihadi study material im simply wonder what else has made its way to the 'black list', and for how long.

I guess I should take comfort in the fact that its all done to make us safe. Which is probably the same reason why we havent been given PM G.Brown's manifesto to read....