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Perlu memperjelaskan lagi pekara ini. Kalau tak silap, foto itu dipetik dari satu aktikel theStar bahawa memakan ikan air tawar secara mentah ini akan mengakibatkan penyakit kanser hati. Terjadi di satu daerah di Thailand. Dimana terdapat pesakit kanser hati yang tertinggi.

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Well, the barking people should make a police report so that an investigation can be carried out. Even to the sprm as well. Don't make noise at press conference. Go ahead and make a police report. It will help.

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well, another crackpot statement. He is irrelevant.

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Its all about monkey see monkey do. Foreigners see how the local behaves, and then they emulate them. When the situation gets out of hand, the locals blames the foreigners for it. The followings are common laments by the local flat dwellers, "...during the time without foreigners here, it wasn't so dirty. But now, its getting worse by the day..." So, who is to blame? I have foreign workers at my factory. But they all behaved responsibly and their local colleagues. Discipline and practice that makes one better. Regardless of race, religion or color.

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Pay of drivers and as well as travel fare must also be reviewed. It got to be balanced so that travellers are not overly burdened, and transport operators is able to maintain quality services.
Nevertheless, the bus operators are not exempted from their responsibilities to ensure the safety of their drivers and also passengers. They have to work it out.
Or else, bus passengers will decrease.

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It is an unfortunate situation. This is one sector where the government's help is really needed. Universities should put this as a priority on their list of to do in the students' welfare. Hope more can be done for them.

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Sebagai penulis dan pembaca blog-blog dan komen-komen, kita harus menghalusi tujuan sebenar ahli politik kita supaya kita tidak tertarik ke rangkaian perkauman, dan sebaliknya menilai semula asal usul kita sebagai seorang Rakyat Malaysia.
Kita perlu berfikir luas dan rasional dan tidak berkepentingan diri-sendiri.

Kita perlu tumpukan perhatian dan tenaga kita untuk mengecapikan sebuah pentabiran Kerajaan yang bersih, cekap, dan beramanah. Jangan kita sia-sia kan masa kita yang terhad ini untuk bertengkar antara sesama kita yang sememang nya tiada berpenhujung dan jika ada, kesudahannya adalah pemecahan kaum Malaysia.


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Dari dulu lagi, kami duduk di Malaysia sebagai bangsa Malaysia. Tiada kira dia ini Cina, Melayu, India ataupun Sikh. Kita seMalaysia.
Isu perkauman timbul dari ahli-ahli politik yang ketandusan idea untuk pembangunan negara dan Rakyat, yang umumnya dianggap sebagai bahan yang kurang sensasi, berbanding dengan isu perkauman.
Mereka ini lah yang membangkitkan rasa kesangsian antara kaum. Mereka ini lah yang menyemarak-kan semangat perkauman antara mereka sendiri, dan perdagangkan Penyatuan Rakyat untuk kepentingan masing-masing.

Situasi bertambah buruk apabila ahli politik juga memegang jawatan-jawatan Kerajaan yang asas seperti Menteri Kewangan, Menteri Pelajaran, Menteri Pengangkutan etc..dimana segala perbuatan mereka ini dianggap berat sebelah semata-mata kerana fahaman politik yang bebeda.

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This actor have to get his act in order. Do the relevant house keeping first before suggesting to the people what to do for their exodus back. Enforce law and order, and weed out bad commercial drivers from the road. Put more muscle into the enforcement teams.

Next, look at the expansion of the highways and road signages. Information about roads' condition and detour alternatives must be provided to ensure traffic's smooth flow.

Don't just point your fingers everywhere just like the photos of you pointing always to something as if to say you know about the situation, blah...

Kong-ah., .Walk the talk lah !

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I beg to differ. I do agree with the cashier's actions but not on the constant ramblings which is a bit too much.
They are times a little tap on the hand is needed to keep everyone in line. We have seen many obnoxious customers before, and some are utterly rude to the core.

In the cases of beating up thieves and criminals - mob rules in this case.
Its part of human irrational behavior.