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He's also very anti-gun. Of course he uses the catch-phrase "common sense gun laws." However, Kirk has a track record of anti-2nd amendment votes.

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Fisk202, rethink your premise there. Those rights are already there. You have just been conditioned wrong. You've grown accostomed to the government taking these rights, and rationing them back to you in the guise of a marraige license.

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How does one become involved in politics? I seriously would consider a run for state office, but have no idea where to get started. The idea of financing etc is simply daunting. Does anyone know where to start so we can get new blood into elected office at all levels of government?

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I am somewhat proud to say that I'm standing up for my 2nd amendment rights. There is no way I'd passively let the government take them away from me. Its shocking. 3 or 4 years ago, if you asked me the question, "Could you envision yourself in armed resistance against your government?" I would have categorically said, "NO!"

Today, my answer to that question is a "maybe." I'm in no way advocating violence, resistance or revolution. However, I'm simply saying I know can imagine some of what the founding fathers felt. Sure, there is a long road to go before I'd ever pick up arms against my nation. However now I can see that the road exists. Unfortunately, the road is not being built from my home to Washington D.C. No, this figurative road is slowly getting paved, and the final destination is at all our front doors. The question of course is, what will be your response when the last brick on this road is in place and the knock sounds at your door.

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You're half right. The artificial scaffolding in Jefferson's opinon is mysticism in any form. Yes, Jesus is the most venerated reformer of human errors.

It makes more sense when you realize that Jefferson actually rewrote the Gospels but removed the miracles and any reference by Jesus that he was the son of God. (Which makes a lot of sense when you reread the gospels and can see the embellishment of the Jesus story when acknowlodging Markian priority)

He knew there was a lot to learn from the teachings of Jesus but rejected the thought that Jesus was the Son of God.

Look of "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth" by Thomas Jefferson.

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But oh my, which God should I serve? The Jews were on to something, but those Christians made a great argument as well. Then there's the catholics, but the Protestants might be right. I know, Episcopalians, but then again the 7th Day Adventists have great pot-lucks. But wait, what's this, Golden plates and a hat? That's it, The Mormon's.

Well, what about Islam, Shiite or Sunni? Oh jeesh I don't know!!!!

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I know I'm not an agnostic. I don't wonder whether or not there is a God. And if so, what definition would you use to quantify this God. It's an unfalsifiable premise either way.

Would you consider Richard Dawkins to be an Atheist? Even Mr. Dawkins position is that one can non prove the existense of God, and he considers the likelihood of the existence of God (especially the God described in Christianity) so small that he lives his life as if this God doesn't exist. I use the term atheist to describe myself. I simply lack a belief in a supreme being or God.

Dawkins posits a scale of 1-7 Classifying one as a Theist or Atheist. A 1 is a person that Is sure God Exists, a 4 is an Agnostic, and a 7 is certain God doesn't exist. Even he classifies himself at a level 6,

I do however find it funny that Christians will mock me for their percieved definition of atheism, even though you can't put two christians in a room together who will give you an identical definition of God or agree across the board among all facets of theology.

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I do find it interesting that my "reputation score" is so negative. This is my thought. People simply vote my opinion as not worthy just because I lack their belief in a supreme being. How sad is it that people automatcially vote that my content added to the message board is not worthwhile simply because they disagree with me. I'm with you guys on all 8 of the principles, and if you change God to Morality I'm with you on all 9. However, look at my silly "reputation" score on this message board. I'm way in the negative.

I haven't added one silly, stupid, nonsensical post, yet this system and the crowd deem me as not worthwhile to post here.

Thanks guys, its those who simply vote without replying to my posts that have answered my question.

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"Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law. "
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

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Atheism by definition is not a stance that "There is no god." That would be silly. Just as there is no evidence to say categorically prove the existence of a deity, there is no way to categorically disprove the existence of a supreme deity as well. Atheism is simply a "lack of belief." It's a silly term really. Do we have terms for people that don't golf, or don't bowl, or don't fish? Of course not, but for some reason this is the term we have for a person that looks at the universe and see no evidence for the existence of a supreme deity that created the world and is active in our daily lives.

As far as the upside of a faith that doesn't believe in God...well, that's for each person to identify. But for me, Sunday mornings are awesome now that I'm no longer a member of the faith. I have to say sleeping in, getting in my morning workout, and making waffles and reading the paper on the back deck beat church any week. :-) (And for all of you out there, that's sarcasm folks, that's not my only reason.)