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I had tons of fun being creative on my P-Days in the mission-field, there's just something about being busy 24/7 that produces an intense need to be creative in downtime. Hope your son has a Merry Christmas!

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Pshaw I'm LOL'ing at your google translations~

우아아아아아! 여어분 한국브로니들이 진짜 위대하시네요! ._. ㅋㅋㅋ

혹시 한국 브로니 사이트가 있나요? 이퀘스트리아 데일리 같은것을 갖으세요?

FUN FACT FOR NON-KOREAN SPEAKERS: The Korean Spelling for Brony is: 브로니

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O_O holy crap. At first I was all: did that just-

and then I was: -Nooo... IT WAS!

I freaking LOVE the MLP staff, the brony celebs like Saberspark and ACRacebest and Dustykatt - Mandopony, Black Gryphon, Sibsy - there's so many people to love this video for!!!

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BYU bronies?! Augh, I wanna get into BYU and hangout with them >< I must... I MUST. I MUSSST!!!

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Jennifer is actually really fitting. Huh.

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I'm thinking I might wanna animate that.

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저더 미국사람 입니다^^;

I'm also from the USA~ I'm also whiter than the inside of a twinkie, haha. But I lived in Korea for a year and a half as a missionary- and since i did nothing but speak eat and breathe korean I've gained fluency, but I still get owned by a 2nd grade native &gt;n&lt;

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Those are the sounds of pouting. Because in Korea when you pout, sounds are made. 내말이 진리다!

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Woops. That's the second time I've mistaken a Scootaloo song for Fluttershy >.>