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Looks neat! Maybe I'll read this later.

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Regrets. I have none. \( ^-^)/

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Once again, WeLoveFine's April Fool's gag is simultaneously absurd, and something I'd buy.

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Keep in mind, Shout Factory is the same company that put out The Friendship Express DVD which had the unedited Derpy scene. And since that release came right on the heels of the edit, they were bombarded with emails about which version of the episode would be used, and (at least in my case) they very quickly replied that the original edit would be used. My two bits, it seems like they're in-touch enough that they'd use the original edit again, if at all possible. That is, if we get the redub, that was Hasbro's call, not Shout Factory's.

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Nah who am I kidding? Everyone loves the muffin queen.

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Connect the dots, la la la la la~

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There's not THAT much fire. Don't be such babies...

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Species profiling!

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"It felt like a bad fan fiction."

Indeed, Alitwi does feel like bad fanfiction, because plenty of bad Alitwi fanfiction exists (and in fairness, some good). Another thing that feels like bad fanfiction is "Rainbow Dash breaks her wings", because plenty of bad fanfiction here exists as well (cheap ploy for sads and ruining her Wonderbolt chances). Most fanfiction writers scoff on both ideas.

And then DHX announced they were doing a "Rainbow Dash breaks her wings" episode, and we scoffed at them.

And then that episode was pretty awesome.

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Pony bears! Bouncing here and there and everywhere!