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They seem to have wasted your time again Simon, you put forward questions which they dodge and launch into personal attacks on the party to discredit the message.
Why do they do this? because they CANT answer you without revealing their sickening bias against the white people of Britain and the World.

Arizona's new immigration laws is bringing them tremendous flak from around the world, but the systematic eradication of whites from first Zimbabwe and then South Africa is never mentioned. Seems this Diversity thing is only good to dilute the European cultures and never promoted to Arabs, Africans or Asians!

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Im sure CD's in bulk are cheap, get some friends to make 100's of them, upload blog entries to CDs which can then be distributed?
Or, collect all videos you've done so far and put them on a website where they are easily selected and viewable. Write the simple URL down on strips of paper, say 10 per A4 and post them around in doors and lampposts etc etc.

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You are a very inspirational man Simon, with all you endure you force me to put the magnifing glass upon myself to see if I could do more, and the answer is always yes.
Thank you for what you are doing, and inspiring others to do too.
I really think we can eventually win this war.

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To cheer people up

Read the comments below... people are waking up!

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About 5 mins from the end.

I dont know how you can maintain your resolve with these maggots that you must regularly deal with Simon.

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Sadly things like this will always be happening because cutting costs are a vital part of making profits, the government are just being irresponsible and greedy.
To then blame this on global warming is seriously underhanded, thank god for Mr Wingfield speaking the truth on the issue.

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Dont console game Simon its for Dinosaurs! Get the software steam and a good gaming PC and use that platform. We can get a huge BNP gaming community going online and even recruit with our own gaming servers for the most popular games like Counterstrike and left for dead 2.

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Have you noticed the pathetic media smears on us recently?
We are now known as Climate Change Deniers! You really couldnt make it up.

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This Labour government really makes me mad, but we'd better hurry up and take this country back fast. Most the students I meet are so Liberal, it seems inherent that they must do everything in thier power to help others not in this country. Others dont care or think about it in the slightest and these are meant to be the future! I dread to think that everything will be burning around us and they will be voting for more of the same.

Oh has anyone seen the new Alex Jones film?

I dont believe everything he says, but later in this documentary after the section on the bank bailout they talk about the global warming hoax and how its being used to further the one world government agenda, mirroring what Nick is saying through his role in the EU.

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Happy birthday Simon, i'll raise a drink to you at the student union tomorrow!