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i cant wait to see nikki bella scream in the arm bar

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Brilliant show, not a massive Indy fan but well worth the money great matches sucked me right in, have they changed the wrestling business we won’t know for a few months but the show was a success overall

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Imagine if Wyatt actually won a feud and wasn’t just fed to Cena, Orton and Reigns

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How cool would it be if he appeared at WWE affliction s like progress just to sell he really has quit, then have him return at the rumble or something

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Call up the Undisputed Era and have Heyman manage them, could elevate them to a big stage, imagine New day vs Undisputed Era (Kyle O'reilly Bobby Fish Roderick Strong) for the tag gold (Freebirds rule), and Adam Cole vs AJ Styles for the WWE title could easily be built up to Survivor series or the Rumble

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There are some rivalries still to explore with Brock, personally id love to see a Daniel Bryan v Brock Lesnar, but you could also add names like
Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens (after a build up), Possibly Kurt Angle, AJ Styles since their match was a good one at survivor Series, Nakamura, Miz, maybe even have a program going against tag teams like New Day

so much could of been made to elevate superstars to the next level instead WWE wasted a good number of matchs on Roman Reigns and even the Undertaker

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If Rowan is out for a few months bring harper over to raw, have the shield look to surround Braun then have brats intro and have him and harper appear next to Braun the pop if done in the right city would be deafening

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Yes a heel Becky!!

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surely if youre going to do a match with the bella's it would be a tag match, possibly against Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, or Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan,
Rousey is too big of a name to be wasted against Nikki Bella,
Rousey vs Charlotte / Lynch / Asuka any one of those would be a bigger and better match up