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A cross between James Bond and Monty Python. What a very British situation....

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Living on it for a week is not a problem - living on it when your debt payments take 90% of it, or you are tied into overheads that you cant get out of quickly - thats the hard bit.

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My experience of this with my tenants is that once people are up and running on UC it works, and has advantages over the old system. The main one not mentioned above is the gig economy. I had a tenant who was made redundant and fell into arrears as he made his housing benefit claim. Then he took a week's full time work. This was a disaster, as his JSA claim was stopped due to him working more than 16 hours in a week, leading to his housing benefit ending too - he had to start from scratch with both, losing the first week again. In the end he regretted taking the week's work as he was worse off. The system was completely incapable of dealing with self employed people, too.

The well documented problems were created principally by the lag in receiving payments, which was wholly predictable and avoidable. Housing benefit was always paid 4 weeks in arrears but this was accepted by landlords as we would take the council's word that it would be paid. I've generally found the UC people co-operative in paying direct, which is what the tenant wants, anyway. To create the same lag in the JSA component of the UC payment was insane, though. I remember some council employee saying they would have had a month's wages to live on so a 6 week delay was fine - what planet are these people on? Most people who lose jobs have zero savings, are paid weekly, have debts and usually are on some zero hours contract that has petered out over a period of weeks - when they claim they have absolutely nothing whatsoever and cannot get credit as they have a basic bank account.

I've frequently had to lend them money out of my own pocket to keep them away from payday lenders and loansharks (complete hiding to nothing they will never pay off their arrears if they start on this route) - in addition to the rent arrears - and I'm fed up with this as its the devils job to get it back

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The comment about Gina Miller being difficult reminds me of a similar comment between two pilots about Douglas Bader - "He's bloody difficult, isnt he," said one. "Well if he wasn't bloody difficult he wouldn't be bloody well here" said the other....

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Was that because of the Christmas bit or the pudding bit, wexford?

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Sorry I should have read your response to Ampfield Andy properly

Other than that I think you are saying something fairly similar to me!

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That is rich coming from a Labour supporter......mind you, you do have a point about Puritanical trivia.

As a person who still retains some self respect and a sense of responsibility, I do feel increasingly squeezed between the PC left and the puritanical right, both of whom seem to be on a mission to insult my intelligence. I remember when it was suggested that dogs should be strapped into harnesses in cars, and Jeremy Clarkson said "Whats the point of being a dog if you cant stick your head out of the car window?" Sometimes I feel like inserting the word "human" in that sentence

No wonder people voted for Trump and Brexit

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Not me - someone I know - but yes there are the deserving and undeserving poor. Still need to define what poor is either way though which is the original original point

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Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day
Teach him to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day :)

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I raised this point to provoke debate and your points are valid - a lot of people are in poverty because of their poor choices - taking on debt in the past, fines to pay off for stupid minor criminal activities, taking on overheads which do not leave them enough for any emergencies being the main ones I've come across. Its not unusual for people to have nothing left to live on once these overheads have been deducted from their income. And then there's the booze/fags and weed..... So they have to take responsibility for this.