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We are already there - ask anyone who has lost their livelihood without any due process following a social media witch hunt, just for expressing an opinion that some people disagree with

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I almost added "some would say since Mrs Thatcher was deposed" after 1997 but decided against it - you have done it for me!

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The whole point of the criminal justice system is to distance the punishment of offenders from the victims - to stop people taking the law into their own hands and seeking revenge.

Victims (mostly) will always say the punishment is not severe enough so they should not be involved in individual cases beyond the statement to the court as to the effect of the crime.

But for this to work, wider society has to buy in to the punishments as being proportionate and appropriate. The public have had great difficulty giving up the idea of the death penalty - for years surveys showed a huge majority in favour. Who wouldn't pull the lever to drop Levi Bellfield to the end of a rope, for example?

However I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that life and death isn't something I trust the Government with, and neither is chemical castration - there are far too many innocent men convicted of rape already and this has a devastating effect on their lives.

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Agree with both of you - and the reason the case for capitalism is not being argued is that the Conservative party has been in apologist mode ever since 1997 - basically handing control of the political and social agenda to the left.

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All those things exist at the moment, but expensive hospital beds are filled with the chronically ill, and expensive ambulances are wasting hours and hours taking people to A&E who dont need to go there. Meanwhile people are being paid sickness benefits and are not paying tax because they are waiting for outpatient appointments or treatment.

A bit of focus would work wonders for this

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The biggest inefficiencies come when you consider the wider picture. The problem starts with the open ended remit of the NHS which allows problems which could and should be solved elsewhere to be dumped on the NHS - culminating on the ridiculous situations in A&E.

There has to be a better way - here is a starter for 10

We want to achieve three things with our healthcare:

1 Have someone who is contactable when we need them, diagnoses our problem professionally and delivers us to the right place to help us.

2 A place that fixes us up in the most efficient and timely way possible when we have injuries or are seriously ill

3 A system which looks after us in the community, both financially and in the provision of care, when we are recovering from illness, are chronically ill or at the end of our life, which works in the most efficient way possible to minimise our care needs/costs, improve the quality of our life and maximises our contribution to society.

The trouble is people see the NHS as number 2 but it does 1 badly and gets far too involved in 3 for its own good

Perhaps we should restructure it around these three areas - a contact and diagnosis service including the ambulance service and GP surgeries, a hospital service and a sickness support service that manages everything from claiming benefits to hospices.

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I believe this is getting close to the real issue - you cannot look at the NHS without also considering the welfare system. The NHS has an open ended remit to provide free at point of delivery care, but councils and the DSS do not. So they dump as many as possible of their problems onto the NHS where they are dealt with at huge cost - people occupying critical care beds because they don't have anywhere safe to go - and also without any view of the wider economic picture - no sense of urgency to get people fixed so they can go back to work, no factoring of travel costs to specialist units etc

Maybe it's time to create a clear separation between these areas - acute issues handled by the Nhs and chronic conditions and recovery handled in the community in conjunction with welfare.

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Farage may be many things but stupid is not one of them - he is saying this for two reasons:

1 He thinks that the remainers stand a very good chance of delaying Brexit for so long that hardcore leave voters have shuffled off this mortal coil and that everyone else is so sick of hearing about it that it can be pushed out to infinity and then quietly dropped

2 He believes that the leave lobby can win a second referendum now with an increased majority

He may be right on both counts - the dire predictions of the remainers have not come to pass, and many who voted remain realise that if we back down now we will look stupid and the EU will walk all over us.

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Agreed - except it was Labour who introduced the tuition I don't think this was the plan!

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My argument is perfectly clear to everyone else, Virgil, and there is no contradiction - I am beginning to think you are being obtuse.