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To a material extent, the group in government have created the problem for itself. It is very difficult to get support for cracking down on such protesters when the government has a track record of itself wishing to ignore or undermine constitutional norms.

Is this an attack on the right as the author tries to frame it? I don’t think so unless being right wing means not being prepared to drive through the huge changes needed to counter a very imminent climate disaster.

I think the protesters are indeed very angry at this government for not taking climate change sufficiently seriously. But that is the fault of Johnson & Co, not the protesters.

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The news that Johnson is insisting on being free to provide state aid to companies in supposedly innovative sectors outside present EU norms, catches the eye. It is said to be seriously holding up the EU trade talks.

But wait. To the extent you think Johnson is a Conservative (yes, open to much question), Conservative politicians are not exactly known for wanting to provide state aid.

So what is going on here?

One has perhaps to wonder whether this is the route for putting state money into the mits of his backers.

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I really doubt that we can grow our way out of our debt problem or that we can address it by more cost-cutting. It does look like the only way out is to raid the better off parts of society. I am expecting demolition of the inheritance allowance system and massive increases in capital gains tax.

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Another day, another Johnson error of judgement. We cannot go on like this.

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It is clear from many angles that Johnson is not fit for the PM role. He lacks strategic vision while also lacking attention to detail and being politically tone deaf. I suspect the main underlying cause is indolence but that is a guess. What is not a guess is that we need a proper PM sharpish.

So who is that to be?

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This really has to stop. This government is almost completely useless. Talented ones were forced out by Boris and now we have a collection of over-promoted people who are just not up to the job with a leader who is not a statesman, who cannot apply himself to the role as a full time job, and turns out to be expensively educated but is as thick as a brick. Woe are we.

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The appointment is clearly wrong. The question is now bothering me is why did Boris do this when it was clearly wrong.

Some point to the 5G problem.

I am wondering whether the problem is something which is sitting in the Russia report, the report which our PM took such pains to delay.

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I do worry a lot about Johnson. Are, for example, illegally proroguing Parliament and getting rid of Sedwill really separate events? Or is he on a path to turning being PM into a dictatorship?

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Sigh. Of course he is never going to admit that what should have happened was a strict two metre rule at the outset as the only restriction (where much of the economy could have kept going to a large degree and we would not have had to conduct this wretched, far too abrupt and far too extreme climb down). People will now die because of this sorry excuse for a Prime Minister.

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As the Economist has said, Britain has provided an object lesson in how not to manage a pandemic.

Our fundamental problem is that we have people in government who are no good at government. Being good at telling porkies about Brexit does not make you good at government - but that is the sole basis on which they all got promoted. Whoops.