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"Perhaps you are wishing the government to use force to outlaw religions we as Christians disagree with." Can't have much of a discussion if you are simply going to dream up my views. You really don't need me in the debate if you are going to debate your own made up straw man version of me.

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My quote you have a problem with is a pretty basic point: The courts (other then when judges are chosen) act independently of Presidential oversight. And that is how he could not silence their bad choices. There's nothing really to argue about with that observation.

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What years did Brent play football? I'm trying to remember if I played with him his junior year or if he played before that.

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Many cases in Muslim nations are a Muslim wife converting to Christianity - not that they married before hand from different religions.

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Mohammad was a child rapist. That is a fact. It's not a cheap shot. Mohammad married a girl around the age of 7-9 and had intercourse with her. That is child rape no matter how you look at it.
Being a true Christian does not mean you ignore facts.

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Just like the Constitution stopped abortion on demand? Of course Sharia has no place. But we must defend against it until our Courts are conservative enough to uphold the Constitution. Your blind trust in the Constitution is really a blind trust in our liberal courts. You need to pay attention!

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1. I'm not a neocon.
2. I have read the constitution many many times.
3. Sharia is not just some doctrine but a legal system based on that religion.
4. You, like other Ron Paul folks, can't seem to grasp that the courts have destroyed so much of our Constitution that it is powerless to stop abortion on demand and other tragedies. And it will not stop Sharia unless we stand up against it. Wake up! Our courts are supposed to uphold the Constitution and continue to fail - and they will fail us again if we aren't on guard.

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Guess you know nothing of Sharia's influence all over Europe and their rejection of it finally. We are following the same path. You aren't paying attention if you don't know the real dangers we are dealing with.

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Why would the baby grow up in poverty? My sister had a husband leave her for another woman and she had a baby and a 3 year old. She had to move into government housing for a few years. But while there she got a college degree and ended up getting a wonderful job and eventually getting married. Her and her kids have a wonderful life. They are now teenagers. The baby might live in a poor family for a couple of years, but with help from family or CPC you get back on your feet and succeed in life. The baby wouldn't even remember being poor. In fact, if you go to third world countries (which I have), babies grow up in poverty a million times worse than what we have. Our poor in this nation our rich compared to much of the world.
It's not about the money for a baby, it's about having people around her that love and support her and the mother. And even people that can't get that from families, they can get it from a church and a group like CPC.
If you do get pregnant in college, whether you gave the baby up for adoption or kept the child you would have made a brave and wonderful choice.

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I'm not assuming everyone is ashamed of premarital sex. I know better than that:) I'm just saying, no one should ever be ashamed of a baby or someone who has a baby. Having a baby is not a sin. So if they are ashamed it must be they are just ashamed you were having premarital sex or ashamed you weren't more careful about it. Sorry I wasn't more clear with what I was saying.

My point is that you choose to have sex. You don't have to. And every time you have sex you risk pregnancy no matter how careful you are. Nothing has 100% accuracy. So if you get pregnant it is your choice. And that baby deserves life. And if others are ashamed of you for that - then they are the ones with a problem. I know teens who have gotten pregnant at our church. And they know I don't think it was right they were having sex. But I tell them I am proud of them for choosing life for their child. And anyone who doesn't tell you they are proud of you for choosing life - run from those people. Or ask them: "In 7 or 8 months when this baby comes - are you going to be ashamed of the child being alive? Or will you be supportive? If you won't be ashamed in 7 months - you shouldn't be ashamed now. It's the same child, just smaller."

By the way BreeMarie, I very much appreciate your open and friendly dialog in this discussion.