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My heart is with you and all your fellow soldiers.

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Does Islam Suck? Does a Bear sheyiit in the woods?

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Jon just thinks he too darn cute. He makes me nauseous.

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A jackass for sure. I can't stomach watching him for two seconds.

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Hilarious Steven! I love your cross-eyed Pelosi! My daughter and I watched the end several times. Great job!

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I agree Ed. There's no need. You can talk about the corruption in ACORN - they will immediately bring up Blackwater/Haliburton. You can AGREE that corruption should be cleaned up EVERYWHERE, even Blackwater or Haliburton, or anywhere else it may be found, and they'll STILL ARGUE. They'll never agree that ACORN or any of their pet projects should be cleaned up - just throw some diversionary sh*T into the mix and keep on talking. And it never ends.... no matter what you say, and no matter how many times they may say we get OUR talking points from Rush, Sarah, Glenn, etc., when faced with an argument...... their talking points are... guess who....."Bush, Rush, Sarah, Glenn, FOX News, you're a racist, you're a hater, my personal favorite - you're JEALOUS, you're blah, freakin' BLAH! You might as well be banging your head on a door.

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Terrific post. I've given up arguing. It's a waste of time. As firm as I am in my convictions, and as goofy and certifiably "space-cadetish" as I find some of these morons, nobody's going to change anybody's mind - or lack thereof. Might as well do something constructive and defeat their agenda or support wholeheartedly those who really make a difference.

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Looking good? I beg to differ. Apparently Oslo can be bought off easier than Copenhagen. Besides that, look at all the "peace" our soldiers have been getting lately.

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I agree. Now that our leader's have changed the "rules of engagement" to protect more civilians, our military has their hands tied! They're sitting ducks waiting to be overrun, because the cowards are hiding in mosques and wearing civilian clothes. I'd hate to see the deaths of women and children, but if their Afghan families are putting them in harms way by using them to restock ammo, and using them as human shields, well.... I'm sorry, then they're fair game. I agree with you. Get out, and let that medieval piss hole crust over. If we're not going to do that, then bomb the shit out of it and kick some a$$. At least let our soldiers have what they need to do the job, and leave them alone to do it!

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I hear those "hip", "cool", "multi-cultural" Obama's are going to host a Latina Night next week at the White House. I'm all for multi-culturalism, but if I see those two, Mo and Bo, fist-bumping, grinding, and jiving one more time, I might throw up my spleen. Is this really the time for this kind of B.S.? How about a strategy in Afghanistan? With our soldiers dying right and left, blown to bits and overrun by the Taliban, can this group get any MORE CLUELESS? Could they even PRETEND they care?

Just read an article (on CNN) about one soldier who was just home on leave in early September. He sat on his father's couch, and told them that his base was surrounded by the Taliban. He knew he was in grave danger, yet he went back, and sure enough, was killed. Get these men some help, and a plan that doesn't SUCK or get them the HELL OUT!