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See what happens when you talk back...

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I was at the show and they actually taped the X Division match before anything else, we didn't know it was going to be for Impact and thought it might have been for Xplosion... we were wrong. Also, they made all the people sit down (that would have been facing the camera) for the taping, the only conclusion we made about this was that so people watching on TV couldn't tell that the people in the audience were the same. It drastically killed the crowd and I think affected the performers as well.

Final thing, the taped matches were actually more fun than the live event. For the live event you had to sit through all the promos and interviews, which after a PPV with a big swerve (some would say) were plentiful. At the taped portion the match would end, the wrestlers would walk to the back, we would sit down and then JB would say immediately, "We're live in 3...2...1..." and the next match would start. Kept a lot of the energy up for the matches even though we were told to sit for most of them.

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He's best known though for managing The Undertaker. I think Taker should start carrying the urn again and have Punk mess with/ steal it. Have Punk explain that Taker fought against the light (HBK and HHH) but he has never fought against someone as dark and evil as Punk. Knowing (and hoping) about how WWE acts I could see this used in a story-line somehow.

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Is this the lowest Raw rating or the lowest Christmas Eve rating in 15 years?

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The only word that should be associated with Raven returning to the WWE is "Nevermore".

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I'd like to go see anything with Trish on it...

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The point of the Ladder Match is to have someone climb the ladder (which they are having with Cena and Ziggler) the point of the TLC match is to use Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

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Ryback didn't legitimately hurt Punk, it's a work for a nagging injury Punk has and they want him to be fresh to go against the Rock so they are giving him time to rest.

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Wait... so is Punk wrestling twice or just the captain for Team Punk?

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As Richard always says, the best "characters" are just extensions of the person existing character, so for people like Punk, Heyman, Austin and the Rock they were so over as characters because it was just how they are... turned up a bit of course.