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I couldn't agree more with this post honey. Mostly because we both know that you are a much better director of interior design than I can ever hope to be. I thank God everyday that he brought you into my life and gave us 3 beautiful, smart,special little people to raise together. I love you more and more everyday ;)

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Chaya's foot got caught in the strap of the camera at her birthday party and it fell off of the table. I'm beginning to think that she's a little accident prone LOL But she comes by it honestly cause I'm the same way.

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I'd love to give ya an autograph, but you'll have to clue me in on what "hillbilly style" is. Ya want me to sign in catsup or sumthin?

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I don't think Toby would want me driving the bus and Chaya can do the back up vocals ;)

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I still can't figure out how to log in :) But anyways that was wonderful Toby. Did you write that? That sounds awful doesn't it, that I don't know if you wrote it or not. But that's beside the point. God is definitely using you to reach people :) love you

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I'm so proud of you honey. I don't know how you just ate chicken, eggs and cottage cheese all week, cause I couldn't have done it. And I'm sure with my pregnant butt eating everything it wasn't easy watching me and not eating it right along with me :) Keep it up. I love ya!!!!!

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All those bars represent how many years he's been in the service. He's not scary at all unless he needs to be then watch out :) He's actually very nice and an awesome NCOIC(boss)

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ok i still haven't quite figured out how to log in so this comment will be from Toby even though it's Ria :) (I (Toby) fixed it for ya) I know I don't say this often enough, but Toby has definitely MAD in my life since I've known him. Believe it or not I know he doesn't put stuff together wrong on purpose cause the first time he did it I was in the hospital and he was at home by himself so he had to finally read the instructions and get it right:) So I'll happily build things and he'll do the computer stuff for as long as we both shall live :) Hey maybe we should have included that in our vows LOL

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Let me just say, before he gets to this, THAT is freakin hilarious! Did ya happen to see the bald guy at the PX that he took a picture of because he said it was you in 10 years? Oops, did I mention that? I'm sure he Twittered it....Check it out!

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Thanks Donna!! Our kids are kinda nuts :-). It was a short visit, but a good one! Chaya has some strong legs, huh? LOL They're funny!