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I've watched it already. It's awesome; one of my favorites. Though question...which is better: Golden Time or Toradora, since they're both written by the same author.

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A few things to point out in your reasoning is this:

1.) They could very well add those things in there later on if they so fit. Just because it wasn't shown doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It doesn't that it's there either but Equestria's "quality of life" is a bit amorphous since it keeps revealing to be less and less of a utopia by the season.

2.) IDK if this editorial clarifies that Equestria is planet or nation. We have only seen the show within the confines of ponydom. Who know what goes on outside of that. But frankly all this is moot because...

3.) The show itself is TV-Y and real life isn't. That's the biggest thing since all the show proper can do is throw in implications, but implications aren't strong enough to prove that it genuinely exists; it strengthens headcannons but not enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Also I want to make note, I have no stake in whether Equestria is better, equal or worse than Earth.

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These guys are dope. I got with nostalgia listening to them play my childhood. And the 90s R&B style makes it double nostalgia!

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Actually, when she'd said she would sacrifice her power for her friends it was after she got the "rainbow revelation". This implies that she made a CALCULATED DECISION in hopes that she may get her key, because you know, the finale was Twilight's key episode as well. She took a risk, yes but the gains were worth it.

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YHWH confirmed AJ is best pony. That's it...wrap it up we done here.

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While the article is nice, the author apologized for a fedora checked the link which was about "5 Awesome things That have Bad Reputations. Fedoras was one of them and it mentioned:

'You could be forgiven for believing that the fedora just materialized on a dude's head one day, perhaps after he successfully inserted 12 separate "get me a sandwich" jokes into a single piece of My Little Pony erotic fan fiction. But the hat's real origin was entirely unrelated to Applejack and Gilda discovering their repressed love...."

"AJ-Gilda...repressed love....uhhh....

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>implying you ever got off

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I'm the biggest lurker in history. I remember catching wind of this near the tail end of S1, lurking the /co/ boards and watching how the how fandom has blown up and evolved from the start of Season 2 all the way to the end of S4. I'm interested in what happens next.

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To be fair, there's such a large gap between drafts and when it actually shows up. Then there's difference of direction, just look at how AKR was treated with how PP was in Filli Vanilli vs Pinkie Pride. She has been shown to know how to write her, but she justified PP in her mind her actions in FV, other's didn't but who's wrong? So we can criticize (constructively) it's up to them whether they accept it . Besides as long as it's constructive they'll be more inclined to take the criticism seriously.

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They're starting their Beast Coast concert in August? Welp, I have no excuses to not go...