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Haven't studies shown that women who have had an abortion are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems as though they made the right decision in the first place. I'm sorry, Komen, but I cannot stand behind an organization with no integrity.

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Good News! :)

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Seriously, will it ever end? How can people keep lying to themselves about who and what this guy (this guy being BHO) is? Appointments such as this prove it. GRRR

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Can everybody say Home School?!? I'm down...

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Why don't you help us all out O Wise One "fcc" and provide us with some facts so we can begin that so-called research you're talking about.
I suppose you're in favor of 14 year olds being taught to Think for Themselves (as in Spit or Swallow) by Jennings and his cohorts? Who are THEY going to blame for their inevitable future problems?

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I'm behind Michael Savage 100%. Thanks to his radio program, I am no longer just a numb and dumb, ignorant American. I'm personally not impressed by the news I hear about England when I do hear it. I guess the truth is too scary for most people to bear. That's why Savage is continually under attack, I suppose. These great nations need to re-evaluate...who are we really "protecting"? I was born in this country-doesn't that count for SOMETHING?!? Borders, Language, Culture!

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Maybe people can help me out here. Why does the biased media always refer to homosexuals as Gays AND Lesbians? Are lesbians not gay? I'm confused...
And what's up with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force? Will they be at the Easter Egg Roll, too?