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I suppose you have to feel emboldened when you're on 28% in the polls and your "evil enemies" sit at 54%.

I mean can you imagine how the public will react to people walking out on the NHS? During this sort of time?

The Police'd be needed to protect the strikers. I suspect.

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Remember the flooding last time?

Remember how he used the PM's cavalcade to run supplies into a flood hit village, helping do just a small part while looking at things?

Remember how two (TWO!) people heckled him and had a go at him and the BBC played said footage nearly non-stop and ignored his earlier offer and act completely?

Yeah, telling the media to sod off is the best route to take.

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Its not even "trans nonsense" it's trans extremists and perverts. Actual trans people (and they're a tiny, tiny, tiny, miniscule number of actual cases) transition and are over and done with. It's also illegal to discriminate against them in public and the workplace and these people know this.

What the majority of the movement is made up of is men in dresses demanding entry into previously women only zones. Some are so flagrant and obvious in their perversions but hide behind the label because it results in them being a protected class.

There's one such person even in my relatively sleepy home town who mostly uses it as an excuse to try and meet young girls for goodness knows what reason, and the latest media talked about personage with similar behaviour is Jessica Yaniv over in Canada.

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The fact we're being pushed to such extremes makes one wonder when the inevitable "snap back" will come.

You can see it in the abhorrent "Drag Queen Story Time" on the faces of the children over in the USA. They know it looks wrong, they will likely grow up with a fear of people pretending to be something they are not. It will be like the Victorians after the excesses of their Georgian forebears all over again.

The other reason we're being "forced" (and we are being forced to do so) to debate this issue is because the majority of the sensible have left the field. The near-utopia (in which we do not discriminate based upon sexuality, or biological sex) was consigned to the dustbin 40 years ago for women, and 10 years ago with first the civil partnership act, and then 7 years ago with the marriage equality act.

Most of the goals of these movements was achieved many years ago, they have nothing else to really campaign about that enough people in wider society really care about. All that remains are extremist dregs.

So they make stuff up to make noise, to demand a debate when there's nothing more to be done. Nonsense like the gender pay gap (a ridiculous notion pushed by fools thinking they should be paid for their own housework) or that we should ignore the large number of clear perverts pretending they are women to let themselves into what used to be "women only" safe spaces.

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Unisex toilets are a scam to save money. Always have been, always will be.

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"Hate incidents" are orwellian nonsense that any actual "incident" is already covered under other laws and said laws have been on the statute books for considerable time now.

Anybody pushing them should be considered utterly suspect as it means they are seeking to control public discourse as has been seen by the despicable acts of police officers being tasked to harass members of the public in their place of work in order to "check their thinking".

It is a vile, insidious notion that should be banished from public life utterly and completely.

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Possibly? I can't really think of a York "rival"...

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+1 to this one. York is a lovely city with a good uni and truly excellent train links.

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Aside from a motorway to Norwich in Norfolk and I sadly cannot think of what is needed within Lincolnshire (My dad lives there quite happily). As for the South West, something based out of Bristol to find what is needed perhaps?

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Can we please make sure Mr Brokenshire is not allowed near anything vaguely ministerial again? Seeing as he's some luvvie blinded attack dog and barely a conservative.