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Really. So, how many acres do you operate, how many head do you have, and how many horses on your personal string? Or do you have a few Jersey Cow's in your back yard, and a 4 wheeler?

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Actually, we are talking about the Corporate takeover of this Country, and riding into the ground through theft, greed, corruption, and ecological suicide. Not insect's.

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Spoken like a true conservative, religious blinded, hick. You must be proud.

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I think I speak fairly plainly. May I suggest you listen to NPR. Watch CNN, or PBS news, find some other sources besides Fox news. That would make the necessity of a map obsolete. Or was it the nonsensical drivel of my Brother, that got you lost?

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Well, you celebrate your birthday, with the original rock star.

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I said Conservatives = those who wish to maintain the status quo; those who wish to "conserve" the old ways; those who do not want change.
It doesn't matter whether you call them Democrat or Republican. You remember the Democrat Kennedy brothers.

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I no longer care for the company the Tea Party keeps. Sara Palin in particular.They have no intention of reforming government. They are simply a tool of the ultra-conservative right-wing.
I'm pretty sure mom knows I'm not a "God Fearin' Man".
From the sound of your concern over the plight of Christianity in the U.S. it's just more of Glen Beck's blubbering over poor old beleaguered American Values. Glen Beck is a self-serving corporate goon in patriot's clothing. I don't see anyone blowing up churches like "conservatives" did in 1965 Birmingham, Alabama.
What history are you reading?

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Thanks for the hostile to sanity christmas card. Really, why do you send me religious drivel, other than to turn my stomach?
No. The reason we celebrate this time of year is the sun's annual return toward our hemisphere. The early Christians took the season over as they "gathered" other "faiths" under their control. What goes around comes around. Please forward this to Carol. Rob

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I agree that products made overseas and shipped into the U.S. should pay a duty for access to the American market and this should hold even for U.S. companies sending their manufacturing base overseas.
I disagree with your view that the problem lies with the taxes and wages that U.S. companies pay. Never before in the history of business has the disparity between the salaries of higher management and workers wages been so wide. Corporate officers have been receiving millions of dollars in bonuses for figuring out ways to cut manpower and thus increasing profits for the company.

If the American working man has been over payed recently why have most of us had to work 2 or 3 jobs AND have the wife work also to keep the bills payed and food on the table? I understand that MANY Americans live above their means and get into trouble but as one who lived very frugally AND worked 3 jobs AND had a wife who worked AND grew a good bit of our own food AND still had to return to sea to get myself out of a financial hole I've got little sympathy for corporations who move overseas to take advantage of cheap labor simply to increase the profits for their share holders. Look at yourself - you have a job, but you pay NO rent and you still hardly keep up with your bills.

What "anti-business" practices do you speak of? Environmental laws that protect citizens from companies that pollute horrifically then pack up and move or go out of business and leave the government the job and expense of cleaning up after them? This is another BIG reason corporations move to other countries where they can pollute at will and not have to worry about irritating laws that protect children from poisonous land fills and ignored spills and terrible air quality. Paying for health insurance? Have you ever tried to pay for you own policy Mike? Have you ever considered what it costs a man to cover his family with health, dental and vision? It's NOT the government, it's the American health care system.

Again I refer to the "Defense" Budget of the U.S. According to The World Almanac for 2010 U.S. military spending amounts to 552.6 BILLION dollars a year. China's is $46.2 billion. Great Britain's (United Kingdom) is $63.3 billion. France's $60.7 billion. Believe me brother, Health care reform is NOT the problem the U.S. suffers from financially.
I hear people screaming at the deficit like it suddenly happened on Obama's watch!!? I just read a quote in Smithsonian magazine attributed to one of Caesar's murderers; "How much more attention people pay to their fears than to their memories".

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Indications are that the U.S. working man is going the way of the cowboy - What will a typical American "worker bee" look like in another 20 years? In my few this is simply the unfolding of modern evolution.