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It's probably because on the Equestria map we see that Cloudsdale is just off to the West of Canterlot and, of course, is floating in midair. So it's west of upper (above) Canterlot rather than in upper-west Canterlot. Not a perfect line, but it fits the beat and makes some sense.

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Fluttershy deserves that spot at #1. I can't think of a time when I and a great portion of this fanbase didn't associate Fluttershy with a green turtleneck sweater. You can look back at some of the oldest fanart made during and just after season 1 and you'll find the sweater there. I don't know where it came from, but I'm happy it's still with us.

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You could watch it now and when it comes out. It'll be another six weeks so I'm sure you'll have enough time to be ready for a second viewing.

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I like that this episode brings up that knowing your limits and not letting other people push you beyond them is part of being self-determinant. Don't let your fear set your limits and don't let your friends set your limits, set them yourself. (Which is pretty much the list of options Fluttershy exhausts in this episode and ends up discovering the latter is the best option)

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Don't worry. There's hardly ever a witch hunt when it's just one kid that gets killed by neglect and their parents poor gun safety. It happens all the damn time without a big hullabaloo. So long as there isn't a mass shooting with ponified guns we're fine. And even then everyone will ask "How could something so terrible happen?" (without actually trying to address any of the real causes for it of course) for a few weeks then everyone will forget about it and it'll end up as a Southpark joke. Such is life.

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Oh god, oh god. No please. I beg you DHX, don't let it happen. Oh god...all is lost.

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I'm pretty sure it's the combination of blue and orange that gives that effect. I feel like the most common thread through all "bad OC's" is poorly matched fur and mane colors.

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All that flying gets their butts really toned. You know, so they can show off their cutiemarks better. And for no other reason.

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Is it...GoBots?

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#36: Looking into Apple Bloom's eyes is like staring into the light of two, adorable suns.
#39: Don't look so sad Super Rainbow Dash. This isn't even your final form.