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Yes, I just realized this myself. I had no idea those two names were linked until this post.

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#63 pleases me. I love the fact that there is a Temple of we just need to see the Elements inside!

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This needs a special edition art post so we can actually see all these adorably cute pictures at a glance!

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YES! The linguistics fanfic is finally done! (I have a Master's degree in linguistic analysis, although my specialty is phonology instead of grammar, so I've really been looking forward to this work.)

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Why is there so art out there for "It's A Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door"? No fanfic I've read feels like it lends itself to artistic inspiration like that one does. Unfortunately, I'm not an artist, so I keep hoping someone who IS one will feel similarly inspired by that work. Alas.

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I was there too!

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I'm astonished that WeLoveFine isn't on that list. Aren't they usually one of the very biggest sellers at brony conventions?

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Seriously? There was just one single brony (me) in Ethiopia who took the survey, but Antarctica has two? Sigh...I always hope I'll discover on these things that I'm not completely alone.

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I live in Africa. Ethiopia, specifically. It's basically impossible to get to a meetup without a multi-hour flight being involved, seeing as the nearest group on the meetup map is in Saudi Arabia.

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Loved the header!