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I was raised Jehovah's Witness and my mother pulled me out of sex ed. At 12, I didn't care. I always got a thrill out of not having to do the work other kids did. At 23 when I married as a virgin, I knew nothing about sex or my own anatomy and wound up in a terrible and short-lived marriage. I sincerely doubt my school would have even said anything about gay people (this was in the early 90s in the south). And I doubt even more that my mother was worried about that. She didn't want me thinking about sex period. I wasn't allowed to talk about boys with my friends (I'm female). I guess where I'm going with this is, I believe for the child's sake and for the community's sake (poor sexual choices affect us all) children need to have a proper sex education.

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Uh, did Geraldo say "youngstas"? Is that like a cross between a gangsta and a youngster?

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I agree with your article, but I'm a little put off by your choice of titles, considering that the men in Rihanna's life need to do something about themselves.

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"Coming out" is terminology common among most atheist groups and for the same reason LGBTQ people use it (pause for awareness that there is an intersection). Announcing your atheism can have very similar effects in terms of ending relationships and threatening your well-being, reputation, and livelihood. I completely agree that this billboard was appropriating the African American experience of slavery, but I think that "coming out" is appropriate for atheists who often have to hide who they are.

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I have never squeed as hard as I did over that baby hippo.

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Just want to give a good word for the restaurants I've worked for: Olive Garden donated unsold food to a local pantry and Papa Johns would bring unsold pizzas to the rescue station. I understand the rationale behind not giving the employees extra food (especially at a pizza joint, I could see this being abused), but that doesn't mean it can't feed someone.

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As a white cis woman, I'm still erased from the picture because I'm a lot fatter than any woman in it. Even in fat positivity, there's often a message of "It's okay to be big! But not too big."

I feel really comfortable with my fat. And that's partly because I find fat people attractive, and partly because I have a boyfriend who finds me attractive, and partly because I have a family who doesn't harp on me about weight. But they still have bouts of harping on themselves about their weight and periods of diet talk which is frustrating to listen to.

There's a lot of contradictory info on Marylin Monroe's stats and I highly recommend this article which attempts to sort it all out:

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I really enjoy pop culture analysis. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

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I was raised Jehovah's Witness. We didn't celebrate Christmas and we didn't say "bless you" because we actually believed in demons, but that sneezing them out was a silly superstition, which could in turn, invite them into your life. At this point in my life as an atheist, celebrating holidays is a decision I make that brings me much happiness, knowing that there's no god smiling or frowning on it either way. I choose to bless people when they sneeze because it's a reminder to me of how ridiculous the witnesses were to take any of that nonsense seriously. It's funny how people living a life of inquiry can end up making completely different decisions, depending on where they started.

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There is another reason many atheists stay silent. It's because their atheism is only one aspect of oppression they face, along with race, gender, disability, etc. Sadly, there are too many in the atheist movement who are happy to participate in the oppression/denigration of other minorities. While I am an atheist activist, I'm getting very tired of putting up with that from my own allies.