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Definitely episode 21, season 2, "Dragon Quest." I've already introduced two friends to ponies using that episode. It really shows the guy-ish fantasy elements and brilliant characterization of the show without completely flooding you with exposition.

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Does anyone else notice that the poses for Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are mixed up?

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Twilight - World of Warcraft, because you progress as a character while making new friends along the way.

Rainbow Dash - Ace Combat, because you fly at supersonic speeds and blow things up.

Pinkie Pie - Beautiful Katamari, because why not.

Applejack - Crackdown, because you can beat stuff up bad guys with the responsibility to protect a whole city.

Rarity - Civilization, because of the experience of the game as well as the ability to aid other Civilizations and strive to be the most cultured.

Fluttershy - Pikmin, because you gather an army of adorable little guys to fight less adorable guys.

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#21 - If you know what that's from, you had the best childhood ever.

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Because it is :P

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Excuse me, it seems a lot of people are confused about this, maybe because I explain it strangely.

The cloud system needs to know whether what games you own and what games you trade away, else you could end up buying duplicates, messing with the system to get free games, or worse. This is why the cloud system pings every-so-often, so that way this used games system will still work.

Steam isn't the same thing as a cloud system. Maybe that's where I misspoke. I say that the Games on Demand feature will be similar to Steam, as a result of the cloud system.

It separates it from the PC, because, frankly, nobody is willing to risk using the cloud system until Microsoft game along. Steam uses a form of cloud gaming to maintain saved files between computers, but that's about it. I think when I play Battlefield 3 off of Origin, it uses cloud gaming, but even that's a bit different.

Also, Microsoft released in their initial press conference during the console reveal that they will have plenty of apps for use that will come close to rivaling what most gamers do with the PC.

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You certainly took that incorrectly. As I said before, Microsoft listens to what their community recommends, and have been exploring several ways to do that. I needn't quote my claims, you've already done that for me.

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You can mute that voice in game. It's a simple press of a button.

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You couldn't be more wrong. The Halo movie wasn't created because the director chose to make District 9 rather than Halo.

That's funny that you think they're greedy because they buy other studios to make games for them. First of all, Microsoft does in fact assist in the creation of the game. They buy these studios, because they want to publish the games for them. That's the same thing that big companies like Activision and EA do, they're publishers, just like Microsoft.

There's absolutely no crime in that. Microsoft gives amazing games the publicity they need to work and to breath.

Microsoft does not credit themselves for ideas they've supposedly "taken". That would be as idiotic as saying that the executive of Bungie is uncreative because he took the first person shooter idea from DOOM.

Microsoft is a perfectly original and legitimate company, and I'll admit that this article was too long for me to read. Though what I did read, it seemed perfectly clear that Microsoft was doing exactly what the community wanted them to do to make a Halo move. They were as aggressive as possible for it, which is exactly how everyone wanted them to act. Unfortunately, things didn't go their way and they had to cancel it.

Too bad, maybe they'll try again when they've learned more. I guess that's what happens when you put that much pressure ontop of a multi-billion dollar corporation. I'd hate to see how Nintendo or Sony would have handled it.

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The cloud system wouldn't be possible without the check-in system, because the XBox One is constantly interfacing with the Cloud system to keep tabs on what everyone has. If it didn't do that, nothing would work.

If you don't trust Microsoft, then that's your own loss. Microsoft has never done any sort of scam, or fraud in the past that has affected me in any way. Even when the XBox 360 west coast sever was hacked, Microsoft fixed the issue by the next day, whereas Sony went spiraling out of control, and many people sold their PS3's.

Frankly, I have much more trouble trusting Sony to keep my account safe, than I do with Microsoft making sure money goes to the right places.