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Cadace has used that same type fireplace, but hers was raised to eye level.

Bet you could search using Divine Design, fireplace, and broken glass within quotes on HGTV and find the segment. Then there should be a list of suppliers for the things used on the show.

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I think your crystal ball is broken and needs to be taken to the shop for repair.

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Don't worry about spiket, it is just another of the multiple user IDs portrayed here as individuals.

There are at least 7 that appear to be the same idiot, trolling every conversation, all day, everyday to insult and spread depravity throughout the blog.

Some people have a great deal of difficulty recognizing any kind of concept or idea that doesn't mirror their own expectations. Unfortunately, there has been far too much of that on every blog about Design Star but once it is said, why would anyone keep repeating the exact same post, time and time again. Just shows a tremendous lack of creativity and it is pretty obvious anyone lacking creativity would have nothing to add to the discussion.

It is just time to move on for some of the folks who have nothing new to offer and who seem to believe HGTV was created as their own personal network and their call on programming. NOT

And they sure are rude critters at that.

I think the Emmy awards speak to the kind of change that is taking place in this country and a lot of it has to do with a tight economy and boredom with old style programming.

Lot more reality show winners than I would have expected.

Some of HGTV's viewers sure need to broaden their perspective and their horizons. They act like HGTV committed some kind of original sin to allow someone who looks different and has a different design style to populate their network.

It is a cable network show, not held to the same regulations as the traditional network stations who use public airwaves. No obscenities, no costume malfunctions, and no reason to complain to the FCC.

Seems to be an inability that does not conform to some folks' perceptions or wishes.

It is what it is.

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Freedom of Speech is a myth which only exists with government organizations.

HGTV does not have to allow anyone to post their inane thoughts here because this is a privately owned network so you have no "free speech" rights here.

Get over yourself because your only intent is to argue, make up things, and be generally disagreeable. Few people are interested in reading any more of that kind of trash.

It is really past time to still be acting like a child throwing a tantrum because you didn't get your way.

You will get over it and all the rest of us can pray for is that it is sooner, rather than later.

The topic of this blog is Antonio, not me or anyone else here.

If you have any constructive comments to make, be my guest. Otherwise, I am done with your ignorance and sense of self importance.

There is a whole world out there and a lot of problems worthy of your particular hand-wringing and attention.

This topic is just not one you appear to have any further contributions of interest to anyone other than the nutjobs and haters.

At least on the internets, we can all wash our hands of you and your silliness but I would pity anyone forced to deal with you on any regular basis. YOW!

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Agree totally and unfortunately the serial abuser added another hateful comment to your objective comment.

Interestingly, Antonio's head carpenter worked for Dan during the final project. Antonio said in his interview that he watched and really appreciated his work and asked him to work with him. I know David B. had final say on his carpenter because Ian said that after their initial period of work, David told him that he just didn't think Ian was a good fit or would be able to do the job.

Ian must have convinced David differently and we are fortunate as an audience because Ian is a big part of the show, as is David's producer, and Danielle who is a wonder at paint and faux finishes. And the important thing about David's show is relationships too.

HGTV got the carpenters from a Craig's List ad and some of the carpenters who were hired were pretty rough looking but they seemed to be able and got the job done. Both Antonio and Dan had a guy who seemed to take the lead and they were both able to hand off to him and go shopping, returning to satisfaction of the accomplishments at days end.

Antonio's group of friends included a noted photographer whose book was just published.

I also liked the way he celebrated his father by using some of his paintings in his home.

By the time David B and Danielle had been prepped, styled, and polished before show premiere, they were totally different.

Antonio has the chops to get this done and he comes highly recommended from some fairly impressive photographers, including Annie Liebowitz.for one.

It is easy to see that the haters are fewer than 10 and about 2/3 of them belong to the same indivual. Not very creative at subterfuge either.

It is a real delight to have two posters in a row with meaningful, constructive comments. I appreciate the thoughtful, constructive comments made by those who don't care for Antonio and simply state their doubt about watching his show. Those are fair comments but the hating and nastiness is just a reflection on the immature, juvenile, and spoiled behavior that appears on the internet. Keyboard commandos who entertain themselves thinking they get over others to make up for their unhappy, empty lives.

If not Antonio, they would be attacking someone else.

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Candace said it was her favorite reveal of all.

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I suspect Carol is more interested in arguing than in discussing honestly.

She twists everything written, then comes back with inappropriate response.

Tacky. Could be the glasses, but I was suspecting reading comprehension problems.

I don't intend to bother with her nonsense anymore. This is a blog about Antonio and she thinks it is the Sunday Night Fights. Frightening imagining her disagreements with her spouse. Bet the spouse has to record all conversations to prove what was said so they don't end up arguing about what she wants to argue that he said.

My comments were about Antonio, hugging, and his clients. How you get to throwing in all the other HGTV designers and suggesting I wrote ONLY Antonio was a hugger.

I do find it endearing that Antonio hugs men and women. Some males would be caught dead hugging other men unless they do that little one shoulder, don't get too close hug.

And for Carol: No, I am not saying others don't hug. Read what I wrote. The title of this blog is about Antonio, not Candace, David B, Vern, Genevieve, Angelo, or anyone else.

It is about Antonio. And she dishonestly said David B suggested Antonio should be sent home after Kathy Griffith's project.

Shoo. BeGone. Find a new sandbox. We just fumigated this one and are putting a cover on it so the catty will not use it to stink up the neighborhood.

Too much guessing with that one about what I think, not enough reading.

If we could post graphics, a big can of "Begone" spray would be appropriate.

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Guess that is a possibility I hadn't considered.

There are several IDs that appear to be multiple User IDs by the same person.

If what you say is correct, they should all disappear at the same time.

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Yea, I observed the same. It is easy to pick up on.

Hang in there.

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Carol, Carol. You sure jump from A to Z, without provocation at all.

I know sophisticated design and Antonio doesn't do it.

My point was that there are similarities to the techniques of painting and the products used as some I have been trained to use in Muraling and wall finishes. I don't do autobody painting, nor did I suggest I did.

I thought the paint technique, not necessarily the color combination used to the dresser and night stands has some promise for refinishing existing furniture when doing teens bedrooms.

I am looking at this from a professional prospective and wouldn't even pretend to believe that HGTV ought to please my tastes. If they don't, I won't waste my time being nasty and hateful on a blog. I will simply change the channel.

And I didn't hear DB say Antonio should be sent home after the Kathy Griffith project. I think you are just making stuff up now. People let hatred blind their eyes and ears and it is unfortunate.

If you don't like Antonio's style or don't wish to view his show, go find another, but stop your petty comments to others here who see some redeeming value.

I believe it is worth my time to watch the show and I look forward to next fall and the preview.

And it is really silly to attack someone else for their beliefs, especially when they are based on experience in a field, instead of being a disgruntled viewer (armchair designer).