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I'm just hoping we get that Bryan vs Miz feud.

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Are we going to get both tag titles defended? I would think it's safe to say the build is a triple threat for the Smackdown titles. For the Raw titles, who are The Bar going to face?

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adomarad's comment didn't say doomed to watch it, but doomed to have WWE continue with the safe product. Though you are correct in your statement on being able to watch other promotions, the comment was strictly about needing competition in order for WWE to bring back an edge to their product. There was nothing mentioned about having to watch the boring product they have now.

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Against CM Punk at SummerSlam 2009 was memorable. I enjoyed the triple that match at Armageddon 2008 with Triple H and Edge.

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He was clearly talking about Santino, since the sentence continues 'with a little Anaconda thing doing finger pokes of doom'

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Putting Lana with Fandango would only make her lose momentum. That gimmick is doomed to remain in basically jobber status. Putting her with Ziggler does nothing for either. It will be fuel for a short feud between Ziggler and Rusev, but won't do anything else. I don't know what you have for her if she is alone. There are a few people that might benefit from her being paired with them, but the best course of action I still feel is to have her with Rusev. A simple story line of her feeling that Rusev lost a step, and she did this to bring him back to being the brute she knew he could be. Have him go back on another winning streak. Have it come full circle with him winning the heavyweight title and successfully defending against John Cena.

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* Most likely

* Whoever wins the match. That's why they have the championship matches isn't it?

* A cheesy never give up promo.

* I'm going to guess R Truth & Los Matadores.

* No, does nothing to benefit either.

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I've been expecting the change to SportsEntertainmentmania

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I can honestly say I don't think AJ or Natalya as being more attainable than Eve Torres, Eva Marie or the Bellas. I wouldn't care if the Bellas were attainable or not, I can see why some might, but I don't find them attractive. Eva Marie and Natalya are the current divas I find most attractive. I also think Renee Young is hot.

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I would love to see Joe vs Barrett. I also think Joe vs Ziggler would be entertaining.