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One of if not the best way to bridge latent (non-web) promotional activity and traffic to one's web site, blog, or social media profiles is through QR Codes. While there are multiple types of QR Codes, in most instances to promote a web address it's one that passes a url. Whether it's one's business card, a print ad, any snail mail piece, or newsletter the most effective way to turn placement in printed media to a click through is a QR Code. See Google Code's Zing Project for additional information on implementing QR Codes.

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Great to follow the thought process step by step through the development. Also, pleased to see the page validated, . Kudos!

I do, however, think both the page and its placement on search engine results pages (SERPs) would benefit from additional text content. I ran the page through both Bruce Clay's Keyword Density Analyzer,, and my Keyword Density Checker, . I'd suggest modifying the design to implement additional text and then including Description and Keyword meta tags. The Title element having only 21 characters is under utilized. Populate the meta tags with long tail keyword phrases that are represented in the page content. Content is, after all, King.

The placement of the diagonal lines below the words Topics and Speakers in the screen grabs for Steps 11 and 12 (not present in the screen grab for Step 13) differs across the different browsers. View their placement on in each of the following browsers, Camino, Chrome, Firefox, Flock, OmniWeb, and Shiira.

Thanks for sharing.