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For the love of God, take out both the WAMs and the $11 million increase to legislative accounts and pass it. If they don't pass it soon the $12 million or $11 million won't help them in their job search after next year's election.

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They should eliminate all WAMs AND cut out the legislative non lapsing slush fund ($200 million). Hopefully Stilp, Potts, et al will hold their feet to the fire.

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It is hard to imagine Senate GOP approving a 27.9 billion spend figure, or raising cig. taxes.

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According to this a.m.'s news, Senate GOP says they would support expansio to sales tax, and Gov says there is general agreement on a 28 billion spend figure. But Sam Smith opposes.

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This is a strange headline: State Sales Tax on Legal Services Considered. Then the rticle says GOP Leader Sam Smith says somebody else (House Dems) were considering it, and the article quotes House Dem spokesman as saying they were NOT considering it. Maybe the headline should be No One Considering State Sales Tax on Legal Services.

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How does Rep. LaGrotta still have a state pension, while every other public employee convicted of political corruption lose theirs? And here's this ten-term legislator, Committee Chairman, who gets house arrest (no jail time), and keeps his pension, while staffers seem to lose their pensions and go to jail. Elected officials shouldn't get off easier than their employees. Howdid his pension survive?

Losing the pension, especially for long term state workers, is the biggest penalty.

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Well the client was the caucus, DeWeese said so often enough.

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That's funny. You're commenting on a press story about House Dems that has been in several newspapers as well as radio and TV outlets, and saying the press wouldn't notice it if it weren't about a GOP leader. LOL

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Outrageous! US Atty and Pa AG, take note!

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He got caught big time, and his self dealing from nonprofits just stinks. But as far as political work at the Capitol, my estimate is that like 49 of 50 Senators and 200 of 203 House members do the same (maybe not to the same extent). How about those offices that hardly work at all? As bad as Fumo was (pretty bad), at least his staff worked long and hard (Veon's too).