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Obama for Florida 2012: I hate Rick Scott too!

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See, I read "Wu, 56, a seven-SPERM Democrat" and thought: of course he only has seven sperm. He's a liberal pansy.

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Yeah, she's more than a little insane. I think a nice hard round of buttsecks should break her out of her stupor. Not like she's getting anything at home.

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"rest areas"? Won't someone think of the underage gay hookers?

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I figured he made a deal with the Paultards who secretly run Real America - they will let him be the nominee as long as they can keep stealing his lunch money.

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See, I've always loved the Roots, and the dude is a great drummer even though he never does any fancy fills or anything, but come on...Jimmy F**king Fallon?

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I would like to thank you, Gov. Brewer, for standing up for millions of proudly uncircumcised Americans.

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In totally unrelated news, the job report is out. And I love job reports. When they're good, you drink. When they're bad, you drink more!

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I say we follow the Glenn Greenwald model: complain about the president hard enough, have 300 douches agree with you in the comments, and you can get him to do whatever you want! Also: somebody on the inside told me that trolls and Sarah Palin posts drive traffic. Please take note.

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Too soon to dedicate "We Came Through" by Scott Walker to Scott Walker?

Yeah, probably.