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did Seth really just link that Chrysalis pic to a nsfw?

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that is a cute ass c:

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coolcool flashlight best ship ever nuff said c:

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no because im not a girl, and if you're a guy that will buy and use female shampoo, well, idk what to tell yah

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Really? How did Double Diamond and Party Favor end at the bottom? This just makes me think stallions really arent loved as people say, I see more fanart for Double Diamond than any of the other three, which is weird.
I kinda agree, this was a bit biased against stallions, Night Glider didnt do much, and she looks like a wonderbolts recolor. I can understand Sugar Belle, I love her, she was adorable. can someone shed light on this? because this doesnt seem right.

Also Im seeing the tags on this, and I was right, DD has the most fanart/anything else out there, at least on derpibooru, the mares have the least, and I even made a poll to see who they like on my end, and my poll does make more sense than this one

Double Diamond
Sugar Belle
Party Favor
Night Glider

A lot said, "Ski pony, the cute stallion, new BraeBrae." So I really hope that this gets a recount, or redone, idk, like I said, this poll just doesnt seem right, anyone agree?

Well, as for the decorations, AJ and Fluttershy did have the worst, I facepalmed when AJ brought dirt in and FS live animals to cause the mess, which was also started by Pinkie. Rarity and Dash had the best ones, with diamonds and Daring Do posters everywhere, Im sure the castle would of looked great.

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Seriously? Double Diamond gets all this wonderful cute fanart, whenever I talk about who is the best, they always say DD, and he's stuck in last place for least popular in the poll?

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bawwww, cute n adorable Thunderlane at #40 X3

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For one to become a real man, you must be brave enough to call these adorable stallions "cute" instead of hiding it with words like "cool". Cmon Brony community!!!! LET YOUR DAWWWWS BE HEARD!!!!

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OMG, now I wanna draw cute lil Flash and TwiTwi together X3

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shut up spike, nobody likes you XDD