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Okay, was this chicken shack opened up right next to a KFC? From the pic it looks like it was. I'm not sure I'd take them on head to head and expect to come out on top.

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Yes and they're fools.

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See chesterville here's the deal. All the big gov't types want the church to stay out of marriage laws; however, if the gov't had never gotten involved in marriages this would be a mute issue. The couple whoever they are enter into a contract and then go to a church to get married. There done. See how simple that was? Oh wait, the state has to get involved in everything. So, the next time you're whining about the church realize that it's the gov't that messes up pretty much everything it touches. Once you realize that you may not love big gov't soooo much.

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Being downtown, most of the whistle sounds are from the trains "switching". Here's what the different signals mean. It is for safety, which is why our city council is so out of touch.

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It's these kind of wonderful and well thought out ideas that only re-enforces my NO vote in May. What moron builds a hotel next to a railroad? That's akin to building a house next to a pig lot and then complaining about the smell.

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From reading the SC news, it appears Sauce wasn't even arrested after the attack, it was almost a month later. Plus, Inlay has big time trouble with the Iowa Insurance board or something like that, so he's no prince. I'm sure the truth is out there, but we won't know til the trial.

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Tell you what Ron, once you publicly give all your savings to the project I'll actually believe what you have to say, until then for all we know you're going to reap big $$$ off the project and line your pockets.

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What next? Re-negotiate the union pensions limiting the pay at 2K a month. Privatize garbage pick up. Privatize street repair. Time to cut costs the gravy train for public sector employees needs to come to an end and be on par with the real world.

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It's possible he may have had the firearms for years and no one removed them once he started having problems.

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We're a small market so that's possible, but his online prices were much higher than the competition, I didn't check to see if he'd match. If you ever have a chance go to Tulsa's gun show or Dallas for that matter. Pack a lunch cause to see everything it takes hours.