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Nope. Faust said in her original pitch of the show that Twilight was supposed to become a princess at the end (even before MMC aired) so the idea at least has been around even before the show existed.

IMO she should have taken over the school of gifted unicorns but whatevez.

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Today's episode was a roller coaster of emotions. I legit thought she got her cutie mark when she woke up the second time with the potion one.

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Oh, god, is that still going? I got to the part where what's-her-name turned out to not actually be dead and I *thought* I was near the end. That thing must be huge by now.

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Eh, a lot of updates with [Sad] and [Dark] tags. I stopped reading stories like those when I took a chance on one that seemed good and then halfway through Fluttershy got her leg chopped off and I was like "welp, no more of those."

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Of course "this spring" means "another two years" by 4DE standards. They're lucky their plushies are so good.

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True story: My screen name was supposed to be the Mane Six's initials and I legitimately didn't realize I'd forgotten AJ until a couple weeks later.

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I don't know if you consider EQG canon but Bon Bon and Lyra were definitely more than just friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enmwxR0NB9M#t=71

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Pssh, well they changed the picture right afterwards so my point stands.

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Am I a perv or is that image header suggestive as hell...