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Yes, these scenes capture the heart, mind and soul of that true thespian, Matt Damon. He will never top his performance in this movie. What a classic.

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Team America was his best film...evah! It captured both his mind and soul, he'll never top that performance.

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Marty Robbins has a number of songs extolling the virtues of a "warm gun". The first one which popped to mind was Big Iron. I grew up on Robbins tunes as my father was a big fan. Here's a link for the story of this ode to justice vis-a-vis firearms. . Great article BTW.

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Soon you'll be adding "Madame President" to your litany. Please tell us how "quitter" is associated with the Tea Party? I can't speak for any other Tea Party Member, but I for one have not yet begun to fight...

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Damn you Leigh Scott...If word gets out that Conservatives aren't perfect, mind-numbed automatons our plans will be scuttled. How can we continue to be called the closed-minded set if yours is wide enough to commit felonies with A-listers and yet still hold Conservative opinions, HUH?

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This video is another example of Palin's "Left base". They seem to have a Pavlovian response to ANYTHING she says and reliably amplify their vitriol at her every utterance. They can't help themselves. I concur with SQT, they are scared $hit*ess of her. Go Sarah!

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Where did I hear about Hollywood blacklisting before? The rewrite of Huck Finn: Has 1984 finally arrived in America?

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"...but four of the top five concert grossers represent groups that were in their prime decades ago." This may be due in part to us who were teens in the '80's. We were the last generation which did not have the choices on the Internet in music and entertainment. We were locked into whatever the music industry touted and provided in their distribution chains of radio and MTV. Today, youth can download music from anywhere on the globe. The delivery monopoly has been broken. With it, is the captive audience it had absolute control over 30 years ago; much like Conservative media. Long live the supergroup, the supergroup is dead.

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Stop me if you've heard this one: A nihilist, a nymphomaniac, and a narcissist entered a bar...

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Ooooo, you said "straighten", clearly a thought crime. The PC police in leather chaps and tutu's are on their way!