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I agree, and this is probably the most wise, patient and strategic course, but it's still tough to watch when the deep feelings of urgency and outrage remain. Politics/power is such a rough "game", and having to deal with hostile irrational fanatics when there are such pressing legitimate needs to seriously address in our country/world is very difficult for me to tolerate. Yet as my wise son once said to me, "Sometimes the most radical position to take is in the middle".

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This is earth shattering...everyone is agreeing with Dr. Ghd?!??! I favor sensible intelligent border control, and this seems to be what you're supporting. I also favor increased international cooperation so that we can better and more accurately identify those individuals who are indeed "criminals/enemies". So do you think our government should essentially grant amnesty to the millions already here, as long as they haven't committed violent crimes, and pay some kind of fine for coming here outside the proper channels (illegally)? And for the future, how do we increase the sophistication and effectiveness of our border monitoring systems....more training, more personnel, better data linkages?

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This guy speaks for so many Republicans, and many I personally know. It's one thing to fight against an "OTHER", but a whole other thing to have to fight within yourself. The wolves have entered the horses pen. Actively stomp them out, or passively be devoured.

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I fthis isn't the most polite description of disaster, I don't know what is.

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You're doing okay....Walnut rank, maybe Almond, but clearly not up to Pistachio as yet. :)

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On this, we agree...the gun protesters were dumb and unproductive; AND I believe very irresponsible...they give responsible gun owners a bad name, just as Sarah Palin's reasoning makes women and GOP look like irresponsible fools.

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Dr G! Dr G! So you're able to somehow telepathically or with x-ray vision assess if a weapon has it's safety off and if a bullet's in the chamber? Of course not. Yes, auto accidents cause many deaths, but showing up at Safeway in your car or with a weapon does and should engender a very different response. As it should at a Presidential meeting. And given the nutty wingnutty townhalls and Beck/Limbaugh flame fanners and crazyass hostile behaviors directed at our President, I'm simply hardpressed to buy your sincerity in your argument in these instances.

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"...perhaps inquire out of curiosity."?!?!? Do you live in an academic campus dorm? "Oh, say there, ol'Chap. Nice barrel on your lethal weapon. Might that be pewter? Goes well with the blue bus stop sign." Anybody who is packing is potentially dangerous, and you can't tell me you don't know this. This is primarily the point....protection. Yes, we have our rights, but we also have accompanying responsibilities with those rights. Abusing those responsibilities endangers the rights of those who are responsible. Defending those who act irresponsibly while hiding behind a simplistic interrpretation of rights is also irresponsible. Those people are intentionally inflammatory and you know this. Why not shift your discussion to something less nutty, like talk about gun/weapon rights AND responsibilities?

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If this isn't blatant blind child abuse, I don't know what is, even though many in many cultures are numb to this practice, or various other bizarre abusive behaviors. Do we grant immunity to those whose religions preach beating the devil out of a child who misbehaves? Do we grant immunity to those who claim the Lord will heal their diabetic or cancer striken child and thus refuse life saving medical intervention? Do we grant immunity to other barbaric religious practices or other beliefs that preach stoning people to death, mutilating the girls or boys?? No. No immunity for such barbarism. The times for these brutal rituals has past.

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Dr. GhD, This is one of those nutty examples I previously referred to about some of your mistaken chosen positions, where you seem to abandon the obvious and common sense, and instead argue for the sake of argument. If anyone intentionally walks into my home, birthday party, shopping mall, restaurant, post office, pool cabana, movie theater, or bus station with an obvious firearm, I would be duly and seriously concerned, as would my weapons trained military friends, police officers and hunters. It may questionably be this person's right to arrive at your home or meeting with their shotgun, but can you honestly continue such naive arguments that such action is or is intended to be benign? Ridiculously nutty.