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Hi Guys,

I have posted a comment here before May 15. Hoping that through this someone will know that we are waiting for SCQ 2nd screening. Huh?... but no one responded. We continue to hope and wait for their call or txt. Our cellphone is always open and "super lound pa sound" para in case tumawag cla eh masagot agad. No calls was received but still we believed that since nagbigay cla ng paper saying "IN" ung questor eh babalik pa kme. We have waited until May 31st. Last June 1 was the most frustrating day we ever have. Kasama namin ung bata, we go to ABS to get an answer. Nasa infomation desk kme, nagtanong if may makakausap kme from SCQ management to follow up. You know what they did? They let us wait for 4 hrs(SA INFORMATION DESK hah!!). We are informed that they will call Ruffa and AI hotline kc un daw ung nagfafacilitate ng show. Tawag cla ng tawag pero wala sumasagot.. Again nagtanong kme if may makakausap kme to follow up since 4 hrs na din naman xa nagttry tumawag. Ang sagot sa amin ng information lady" e2 na nga po tumatawag na!!" You know what para di kme magmukhang kawawa dun, we tried to approach other people. May cute na bata na pumasok with her parents and narining namin na may taping daw ung SCQ KIDS??? Nagtanong kme and they said na final 15 na lng daw cla... WHATTTTTTTTTT????????? xempre un ung reaction namin.... Halos buong family sumugod sa ABS nung araw na un because we are all excited for our little girl pero we dont expect na ganung inconvenience mararanasan namin that day. Galing pa kme probinsya, namasahe tapos ganun lang..... Still we would like to get an answer WHY they didnt call us... Nkita namin nagpapasok ang guard ng parent and child for SCQ taping... pumila kme and good thing is nakapasok kme.. Pagdating sa Ruffa and AI, may nakausap kme mga staff...they told us: "TAPOS NA PO SCREENING" ... Huh? ganun lng...It seems they are very busy that day but we still got the courage to ask them why hindi kme tinawagan..e2 ang cnabi: " Tinawagan po kau last May 18-20 and ung number po nyo is incorrect.. WRONG NUMBER" hahahaha... sobrang inconvenience na nga naranasan namin, pinagmukha pa kme tanga sa reasoning nila????... We know our number, we know how to write it properly on the forms that they have provided.... After a total of 6 hours wala kme napala... Nanlulumo kme umuwi.. gutom na malungkot pa...!!!!!

Lesson learned is sometimes its better not to hope because in the end sobrang sakit if you failed.

For all other people out there na umasa and nagbabalak magreklamo, advise ko lng wag na kau pumunta sa ABS to do that. Sobrang hirap lng mararanasan nyo...

For ABS CBN RUFFA AND AI Management,

Goodluck sa show nyo.. Tatangkilikin pa din namin xempre.. Khit papano mas nainspire ang kiddie naman na galingan pa. She just thought na what she did is not enough for now so she just promised to do her best next. Kung kme lng suko na sana kme but she herself is still eager and striving to be part of any ABS kiddie talent search specially GOIN BULILIT...

hihingi lng kme time wag naman sana kaung magsinungaling..kung di nyo gusto ung questor eh di sbhin nyo na OUT... mas madali kc un tanggapin and mas madali kme makakamove on...
Maraming umasa na nbigo because of what you did....Nagsisimula pa lng mangarap mga KIDs sana wag naman maging ganito lagi..

Cge un na lng... Salamat na din kc khit papano naexperienced nya ung gantong talent search khit audition lng...Pacenxa na kc walang ibang way na malabas namin saloobin namin...

Masaya pa din kme sa ABS.. Ok lng 2 pero sana you will also improve. NAGTITIWALA KME SA ABS_CBN<< WAG NAMAN SANA MASIRA DAHIL SA GANITONG ISSUE>>....

huhuhuhuhuhuu.... I almost cry while writing last nalabas din thoughts q....THANKS!!!

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hay... June 3 will be the start for this SCQ kiddie Idol.. It seems that they have forgotten those who passed the audition back in April 30, 2009.. Any updates guys..???? Please....

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Its really complicated this txt received from SCQ facilitators???? They provided us a paper saying she is IN but its about to start and still no update...we are still hoping and waiting.. We trust ABS -CBN..hope it will be retain.....So sad to say but its an inconvenience for us.. We are all excited, happy, waiting and hoping before but we are already losing hope... I read another comment from ABSCBN forums that last year theres someone who was informed that their IN but then no one contacted them.. Im afraid that it will happen again.. My mom even borrow money just to go to the audition venue, my father come with them and give his full support on the audition.. hope you guys will be fair.. We are not from a rich we are spending money to purchase load and call ABSCBN call center but we cant get any direct answer from them.. Now, their showing some faces of SCQ questors in Ruffa and AI..does it mean list is already complete..Do we still need to wait or its already confirmed we no longer need to expect anything.. My mom was already frustrated and whenever she thinks of all the effort she did just to be present on the audition, she almost cry knowing that there is a possibility that her daughter will no longer be chosen. No 2nd screening was done so its so unfair if its true that all screenings are done.

We are still KAPAMILYA. Hoping that someone will respond to us.. Please dont let us wait too loner and failed our expectations on the end. My little sister is also hoping for this, please dont let her give up that fast due to this issue. This is the only website where we can express our opinion. We would like to go directly to ABS to complain but fare is high. We are currently preparing for the class opening and enrolment and its a big inconvenience to go there complain, talk to the management without an assurance that we will get the answer that we need.

Im sorry but this is the way we can express our thoughts.


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Can someone update us about the SCQ audition dates? My sister passed the audition last APril 30, 2009. No one has contacted her so far. PLease contact us : 09212509488.... Thanks( Questor # 088). Tintin...

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Any updates about the date kung kelan babalik ungt mga nakapasa sa audition...?

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Hi poh..I just want to ask kung may ngtxt na po xeno about 2nd sched ng SCQ. ung pong mga pumasa last april 30

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When will SCQ Season 3 starts?

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Hi poh... For those applicants who passed the audition last April 30 kelan po cla babalik.. ala pa po kc kme txt na nrrcv.. tnx