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I, too, am Andrew Breitbart

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Liberal "facts" are sort of like vampires, they should never see the light of day because if the do their facts have tendency to burn up.

It is simply amazing to me how Obama and his wife tout "giving back" (oh how I hate that term) when they don't even follow their own advice. Do as I say, not as I do.

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But the question must be asked: Does the "right" for the entertainment industry to protect their content (i.e. profits) override the 1st Amendment of the US Constititution which was written to protect individual liberties, not corporate.

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Just yesterday I had a fairly long conversation with some colleagues about unions. One of the participants was a life-long union member and a staunch supporter. As we bandied back and forth about the pluses and minuses of unions (and there are a few pluses such as worker safety and so forth) the one area that he could not argue was the level of corruption that is so prevalent in the hierarchy of many unions. He tried, but finally gave up because he knew a few of us spoke the truth and he had experienced enough of it to know we were right.

When we tried to discuss “right-to-work”, the conversation had to stop. He was having none of it. He was even a supporter of the NLRB’s attempts to block Boeing from opening the 787 factory in South Carolina. Even after it was pointed out (not by me) that the NLRB’s actions could very well cost SC several hundred high-paying manufacturing jobs, he was still not swayed.

It is very interesting to see to what lengths unions will go to so they can maintain the status quo. In Michigan jobs are being lost because the unions are not willing to concede anything and in SC job growth is stymied by the union’s puppy dogs at the NLRB and the White House.

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It is a leftist/progressive mantra: "Achieve the goal through any means necessary." Never mind that the weapons were used to gun down countless Mexican citizens and murder a US Border Patrol agent, as long as the goal of tighter gun control and the elimination of the 2nd Amendment can be had, they'll do whatever it takes.

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One step closer to a state-run media.

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Waht Carolla has to say falls under the category of hitting the nail squarely on the head. He sums up the media bias very nicely.

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Industry: Internet Communciations
Position: Conservative Blogger
Status: Incognito

While in no way am I even a bit player within the blogosphere, I keep my name and location a secret from everyone except for a very few like-minded people. I haven't even told my parents or my siblings. They know I blog and that I lean conservative, but they don't know the title. My general location is known by the title of my blog: PACNW Righty, but I almost always avoid drilling down any lower than state-level politics. I don't even link my blog to my Facebook page and I very rarely even comment on wall posts by others that have a conservative leaning. I keep my identity close to the vest because I am still looking for gainful employment after 27 years of military service. I don't want a prospective employer to do a search on me and think that I am some sort of right-wing activist. At times it feels cowardly. But I have to put food on the table.

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It would be truly stunning if the recall efforts against Gov Walker are successful after the voters see this and the other reports about how Wisconsin school were able to step back from the brink. Their efforts to recall Walker really does show that the unions, progressives, and democrats really care not a wit about fiscal security. The results last month in Ohio do have me concerned that all the money pouring into Wisconsin for the recall attempt will bear fruit for the people who can't seem to see their hands in front of their faces.

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This shift of control of the democrat party to the far left can be highlighted no better than the election of Barack Obama. While I certainly did not agree with Clinton on nearly everything he stood for, at least he understood how America works. He was a free-market guy, as much as one can be as a socialist. The dot-com boom and bust can be attributed to his actions (or in-actions) with respect to how the free market works. If he had tried to step in, the bust would have happened regardless, but the recovery would have been stalled as the regulations would have hampered re-growth.