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As far as where Whispers and Wolfgang are, I do think they were in different facilities. (It's possible Wolfgang was in a more secure section of the same facility, but I think it's obvious that they would have saved Wolfgang if they could. I do believe that's the cluster's top priority.) The thing that causes confusion is the time jump between Wolfgang being tortured and Whispers being kidnapped.

I do really love when the tables turn and Will beats the crap out of Whispers. In order to have that surprise, though, we have to skip over a lot. Perhaps the biggest thing is seeing the cluster meet each other in person. But there was enough time for them to all take international flights, meet up, find a way to infiltrate the facility, plan it out, and then execute it. We don't know how long that took. It seems perfectly reasonable that Whispers had enough time to travel from one facility to the other.

Like I said, I love the surprise badassery, but I wish they had found a way to incorporate flashbacks to show us what we missed. Add that to the long list of "things I wish they had more time to show us."

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What you are describing is very different from what I've always taken from it. As far as news reporters go, the reporters before and after Clarke's control of the news are portrayed positively; it's only news reports that suppress the truth that are terrible. And I think the show tries to support the idea of standing up to corruption. But you make some good points. Anybody can think of the protagonists' side as representing *their* side, and the reporting against them is "fake news". That is actually quite easy...

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JMS regarding the credits:
"The ordering of credits was done to de-emphasize and hide (as much as possible) the appearance of Melissa.

Under SAG rules, you must put guest stars of a certain calibre in the opening credits; also, for Melissa to take back-billing would have been a break in her work to date elsewhere. We had no choice in this, it's all stuff regulated by the guilds."

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Ah, but did Zathras get it from the Minbari, or did the Minbari get it from Zathras?

Okay, now I want to see the Minbari's 1,000 year old Holy Book of Zathras. I mean, he is really quotable... :D

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I think having them look identical would be too confusing to viewers. Someone who missed the episode with Kosh's death would be confused, and viewers who were rewatching or watching out of order would have to remember which Kosh this was. You could include dialog to clarify things, but a different look is simpler than shoehorning in extra lines.

On the other hand, they did stop *just* short of a flashing neon sign saying, "I'm not the nice one." I think some subtlety might have been nice, as well...

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"Npghnyyl, abj gung lbh zragvba vg..."

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Remember that every time we see the Grey Council they are in a dark room wearing hoods that cover their faces. Some of that is surely a ceremonial type of thing - obviously they know who each other are - but it does suggest some level of secrecy. Given that Delenn's status is treated as some sort of secret, that implies that the general population doesn't know the actual identities of the council members. One does wonder how closely held that secret can be, though. Practically speaking, plenty of people would have to know for the government to actually function. I'm guessing that the biggest thing keeping Delenn's membership in the Grey Council secret was that nobody would think to check.

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Gah! Sorry. This is what I get for posting late at night when I'm tired. My apologies. :(

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I'm guessing that (part of) the problem was that some Minbari just didn't bother paying any attention to first contact protocol. If other races don't behave like a the Minbari, they should obviously stop doing it wrong. I'm sure there were many Minbari who wouldn't have opened the gun ports - unfortunately, it just takes a couple of idiots in the wrong place at the wrong time to truly fuck things up.