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Elements of harmony was a nice little podcast that helped bring out more music in the fandom.
It's sad to see it the shell of what it use to be :/

I think a huge issue with musicians is that it's much harder to turn around and make a bit from it then it is from us artists. We can be commissioned for little hour projects, but music takes awhile to write, record, and mix. not to mention the cost of equipment and instruments can be expensive

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Actually if I was going to do a Ryuko it would have to be of sweetie belle, cuz she's a sister of Rarity, hates clothing, apart of a secret organization Rarity isn't apart of but knows about. Fights with her sister, and tries to destroy her cloths

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lol I'm not fast enough do do all that xD

Also someone was suggesting something about Shining Armor being Dark Magician on twitter

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Nothing really makes anyone an "official" Fanartist
most of us, including myself only did it cuz we wanted to have some fun drawing ponies.

The only thing I could see as making a fanartist "Official" is if they're a vendor I guess.

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#34 lol what, why is my WIP up here xD

I still need to finish it

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That episode really screwed with me.
Of all the episodes to come out the right after my pet water dragon died and it had to be a pet episode... about saying goodbye.... to the only reptile pet...
I was hoping for something happy to make me laugh, but I've been betrayed. Betrayed by the one I love xD

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OHHHHH this is why all of a sudden I got a few favorites XD

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To me it's very case by case and how it's handled.

I've seen some normally terrible OC actually be very enjoyable either because they're just drawn so well that you can't help but like it.

Or if they use it in a context that's just super hilarious, like that bad OC they made for TSSSF. xD

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All I can say is Screw drama -__(\
Such a plague that only makes more problems then it ever dreams of fixing

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I thought the tracing some stuff and then mashing it all together was common knowledge? I remember a lot of people complaining about that before.
I do know a lot of DP hate usually is rooted in jealously of his business. Yes he makes super simple stuff/traces vectors but that's super cheap to print unlike my printing costs. Easier to merchandise when it's cheap to print.
Personally in all my dealings with him, DP doesn't come across like people I've met that only look at people as walking cash. He's still a human being with all our faults.

But as much as people are exploding about this, and angry how much money he makes. It's also the fault with the consumer. He streams a lot of his stuff even when he's tracing (like when this all started) and people still bought his stuff. This just sounds like what happens with EA. People condemn them for being such jerks, but then we turn around and buy their stuff anyways.

My point is don't buy something then get angry about it, maybe you should research who your buying from and see if it's someone/something you'd want to support.

TL:DR sorry for ranting.