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Closed for now. Will pick the winners in the morning. Busy busy busy!

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Seems Cleaner7 has yet to respond to my email. Tomorrow if he/she has not responded I will have to give the code to someone else. Sorry Cleaner7 you need to contact me!

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+1 Internets from me...lol :D

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Wow 4 comments :D

I really only had two issues with the headset and that was weight but that was only at first. After playing with them longer the weight became no longer an issue. The other was the microphone channel being piped back into the headset so I could hear myself when I was talking with friends. I honestly cannot find anything going against them except maybe the cost.

The headset has been updated so you no longer have to use 2 power supplies. Also you can now turn off the headset and decoder right from the inline controller. Again 2 things I had an issues with but they have since been updated and improved. You now have 2 cables if you are running optical, 1 power supply and the optical cable. When I use it with my PC add one more USB cable to the mix but it runs right next to the Optical connection so it's not a big deal.

While the small annoyance while playing in a dim light room of the LEDs in the inline controller mine never got hot to the touch. The power pull from an LED is minuscule, even so I turned everything off when I was not playing.

I didn't feel I should mention them but I guess I should have.

I'm more interested in the turn around time Tritton gave you to replace the headset. How was your process with the RMA? What was the defect? Have you talked to Tritton to work out the issues and possibly get an updated headset? It's almost like we have two entirely different headsets! If you need a contact number I have someone that can set you up and work that out with you [though it seems like you just returned them?] shoot me an e-mail dthomspon@thexboxdomain.com

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Hopefully the throwing of footclan at the screen is not knocked out along with the level. I love my SNES version! :D

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I think my copy of GoW2 hates me...my etsbots broked...trying to fix the overheating issues so I can actually get in. As soon as the disk spun and the auto update hit...blam 3 red rings...*sigh*

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Funny...never knew I was making a living off reviewing a game..! News to me! Where can I pick up my check? :D

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Hey you guys! Make sure you are signing up for Intense Debate to comment! Abooie, Dave, SebastianSB, Andy make an account and repost your comment! E-mail me @ dthompson@thexboxdomain.com and I will delete your other comment.

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[Chiguy is good! Now the rest of you get an ID and re-comment! I don't want you to be DQ'ed :D]

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Whoa...it is. Xbox.com no longer has the page..! The marketplace link is also gone...!


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Tough being at over 100k now to find easy games...GL all!

I have a Castle Crashers King pack code I could throw in the pot for the winner. Not much...but it's something.