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That would be hazardous to their health. As in FATAL.

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Since the only effect of the Hamas terror rockets is just to cause Israel to respond with deadly force, you would THINK that the military geniuses in Gaza would figure out that they should stop their (useless, or worse than useless) terror campaign. Perhaps having dead bodies to photo-op and "cry" over is more important to them than peace is??

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If only the Israelis would be reasonable and agree to either relocate en masse to somewhere else far from the Islamic lands (where? what about that area's current inhabitants?? - don't know and don't care) or else commit mass suicide, this whole problem would be solved. Why are the Israelis allowed to be so intransigent and dogmatic?

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I wonder what would happen to an openly gay person walking down the street in Nablus? Or to a woman wearing a tank top? Or to some Hare Krishnas or Buddhists in their robes??
Too ugly to contemplate.
Y - Nablus would be a great sister city for Boulder.

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On a related note, today's DP has a story about the air pollution problem in Denver and environs. If only there were something we could do about that.....

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The Spirit of Ramadan is alive and well I see....

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In fairness, it would be all but impossible for the BDC to keep up with news of the type you mention. I recommend for more comprehensive coverage of the latest advances in Islamic peace and outreach....

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Precisely - well said. We always hear: "Don't be so crass as to politicize this tragedy [whatever the most recent gun disaster is]." As if shooting people were not political.
Yep - there is just no good time to talk about gun violence....

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Sounds impressive. How does that compare to 3 MW worth of coal plant and the fuel to run it for 20 years??

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Stop hyperventilating. Our republic has deep democratic roots (unlike the People's REPUBLIC of North Korea) so much so that people sometimes refer to our government as a "democracy." The false, professorial indignation over the use of that term is threadbare and tired. Find a fresher talking point.