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I put a donate form on my site, in the sidebar. My plugin settings pages do have links, but almost all the donations come via the site.

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I get a lot of donations through my simple paypal donate box. Not enough to live on, but I'd say around $200 a month or so.

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There's a lot of handy reasons to broadcast my location, but the main one is for meeting others.

I have a group of about 20-30 friends that I hang out with often. In the past, meeting up for drinks after work with several of them required a fair amount of back and forth texting, people sending messages to others like "where r u?" and so forth. Basically, that is annoying as hell.

Since we've started using BrightKite, that's all stopped. Now we simply check in whenever one of us goes somewhere, and everybody else can simply look to see where our BrightKite friends are when we're wanting to go meet them. No more interruptions during happy hour with back and forth text messages. People just go where the others happen to be.

Now, there is privacy concerns there. For example, I don't want to broadcast my work and home locations to the world. But I don't care if my friends know. This is why I like BrightKite, because it has very handy privacy controls. Every check-in can be public or private, you can control default privacy settings for each friend and even each location. So when I check in at home, it's *always* private, and only my friends can see it. Ditto the workplace.

BrightKite even supports notification, on a per person level. So if I want to be SMSd or emailed when a particular friend of mine checks in anywhere, I can (I call this "stalker mode"). Or, I can set it to notify me whenever my friends check in within a few blocks of wherever I happen to be.

The nice thing about services like these is that they're totally opt-in. You're not broadcasting your location, except when you explicitly want to do so. If I'm at a bar and I want people to come meet me or say hi, then I check in there. If I'm at a place and I don't want people to know about it, then I merely don't check in there. Simple. Your privacy is absolutely under your own control, because you have to opt-into sharing your location.

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No, they should really fix it before posting "hey, we fixed it", in order to avoid looking like incompetent fools.

Yes, they have it working now, but it should have been working before this post was made.

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It's impossible to login, the email password reset doesn't work, a text message for reset never comes through, Facebook connect doesn't work.

There's no way to actually use the site, at all.

Next time, check to make sure it's working BEFORE you make claims like this, eh?

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Fair enough. I just thought it more than a little bit strange, because using "name" for the attribute won't actually work with WordPress. The wp-comments-post.php file is clearly looking for the "author" value. Not "name".

Admittedly, the ID is different than the NAME attribute, so you're right. Your snippet does have name="author" id="name". I've never seen a theme that didn't use them both as the same before...

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Your use of #name is wrong. It should be #author instead.

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It is. But you can distribute things with different licenses together, if you created them all. After all, its your copyright, you can license them and distribute them however you like.

That said, BB is GPL 100%, but this is again not the point.

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No, you don't. The BB folks are not distributing WordPress. Just their code. They're not making any sort of combined work, the end-user is. And he's using it, not distributing it.

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"Whether or not a piece of code is ABLE to be run independently, has no bearing on whether or not the use in question is legal."

Ah ah! Remember, "use" is not covered by the GPL. It only covers distribution. Copyright doesn't control use, just the act of copying.

And let's not get confused here. I'm not arguing for non-GPL plugins. Far from it. What I am saying that it is possible for a court to decide that a plugin is an independent non-derivative work. There is legal precedent both ways, in fact.

"If it is running as a separate application, passing data through a web service, such as SOAP, REST, or maybe via the command line on the server, then you technically have a separate work, otherwise it is a derivative."

There is no legal basis for your statement. It is the *opinion* of the GNU and FSF people only.