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I didn't see that before. I don't know whether that was my oversight or EqD editing it in later, but I did look.

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Odd that you didn't link Madmax's account. Even if she's been inactive for a while, I would have thought it the right thing to do. http://csimadmax.deviantart.com/

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I hope you're not just reading the example convention, because that was 2 years ago. Nothing I know of says that Ponycon AU will return in the next few months.

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The problem with Tumblr is not the site itself, but its users. It therefore stands to reason that there are users who are not so bad.
Pony ask blogs and pony comic blogs largely don't have the problems that some personal blogs have (and that Tumblr has a reputation for).

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Most estimates of pony sizes say that an average pony is around 1.1 metres tall (or around 3.5 feet) to the top of the head with maybe a 15% margin of error. I have never seen any evidence to suggest a height of only 2 feet.
When I say 'most estimates', I refer to the 8-foot candy cane measure, the apple measure (with an estimate of an average apple size), the Cheese Sandwich measure, and the Equestria Girls measure (with Fluttershy's animals as a common point of reference).

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What are you basing those measurements on?

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#8 Twilight Sprakle

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You haven't really given enough information to say.
FimFiction has groups that can help you find what might suit you. Groups can have stories based on style, genre, content, or even just stories that one person happened to like enough to want to share. Heck I recall a group that is for any story with just one chapter, so long as the chapter name isn't the same as the fic name or just "chapter 1".
Either find someone who knows you better to recommend fics, or find groups with similar interests to you.