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The dream (foresight) of my first political hero came true tonight.

RFK just before he was killed in 1968 said about race relations in this country: " I a can see a day in Amarica, in forty years, that the American people will elect a member of the Negor race as President of this land."

RFK - I hope you are happy and smiling tonight.

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My thoughts and prayers are with the family this evening.

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Strange phenom going on here. National polls are about the same on 10/23 (Obama +7.5) as today (Obama +7.4). Weird things are happening in a number of states though (some important ones) with Obama's numbers going down ~3% in states like PA, OH, VA, NC and MO and even more in MI

Some of the individual state numbers can be explained by the undecided voters moving to McCain over Obama. Also since state polls tend to lag a bit a little bit can be because Obama went down a bit nationally in the two week period before bouncing back up to the same level of support.

The message - a lot of states are alot closer than they were just two weeks ago - so work to GOTV!!!!

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Good way to put it tmess2. I did not know you were an attorney which is interesting as I am as well - although for the last 20 years I got back into my other passion (environmental work).

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I too was a little worried, more about Bill than Hillary. I felt that Hillary would have to come around pretty quickly for her own political future, but as to Bill all I could think of is how I would defend my wife to the end of the earth...

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Indeed well done - you should help Matt and DCW on election night track some of these races.

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It would sure be sweet if this indeed were the case (Dole's negativie ad being the reason for her defeat). Maybe then we can look forward to elections where the issues are what is discussed...

OK OK I admit it I am an optimist.

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The Republican philosophy shines through once again - if you cannot win it then steal it... Sad. For all the possible negatives I sure like our vote by mail system out here in Oregon. As of Saturday you pretty much have to drive your ballot to a collection site to make sure it gets in by 8pm on Tuesday - so I suppose Repugs could set up official looking drop sites in heavy "D" areas and shred ballots, but that would be a felony....

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Good point after the Sunday polls out so far are added the average PA poll (RCP) is Obama 51.2 % McCain 44.2%.
OH and NV are more problematic it would appear to be of more concerns where Obama stands at 48.8% and 49.3% while maintain ~5% lead in both states

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Now that is weird - just a bit ago I posted a huff post link in the "Three more campaign days" to Huff post and then I tried to link the YouTube video here and boom my post went away