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Thank you very much for taking my comments into consideration, I feel like we're gaining a lot of ground.

As posted below in response to Kat, I am going to do the mature thing and admit my immediate knowledge is running short, but I will try to answer you first points later. I'm on mobile and doing research is a little limited X)

In response to your last question, I did not do my own research on it, but Silly Filly Studio's official statement (posted via tumblr) was that they were afraid of being approached by Hasbro about the plushie, especially if Hasbro believed that SFS had made a deal with Onlyfactory without permission. The logical step would be for them to take legal course in the protection of their ip if they felt it was threatened by the existance of Snowdrop. That could mean any number of things,
I thought the possible removel of the animation was an understandable argument and so used that one although SFS did not mention it. I also may be misquoting or not summarizing properly.

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Seems like a mature way to go about things. I didn't delete my regrettable comments on the original post for the same reason, although I was tempted to rephrase them. It would make people responding to me seem like jerks though X)

But I agree, we attacked because we felt attacked, and that wasn't a good situation to breed this conversation in for all parties.

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Good to hear people reading and agreeing, and on those specific points, it seems others in the comments feel the same

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I'm lingering but trying not to stay heavily invested. To be honest I think I'm reaching the limit of my intellectual knowledge on the matter.

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It does sound like a cache thing?

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He's a journalist needing to double-check information.
And even though we've been on opposite sides, that was helpful information for everyone. Thank you. :)

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I was afraid, but I am at peace.

While I'm still disappointed EQD hasn't addressed their role in the issue, I'm glad that the debate has continued. Where there was originally blind greed on one side, unequally sided against hot-headed attacks, there is now level-headed people on both sides working towards a common understanding.

Silly Filly Studios was poised to forgive them and if they have, I have nothing more to defend. Maybe next time I'll do a better job.

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Tyler, so far you have presented the most peaceful argument against Kat and have even attempted to be a mediator, thank you.

When I last chimed into this argument, I acted completely emotionally and for that I am regretful. To be honest I am used to my politeness being dismissed and I thought I would be more effective with another tactic, but the results were negative instead of neutral, and that's not much better, is it.

I don't, however, regret standing on the side I did, and thank you Kat for picking up where I left off, and doing something productive rather than just sitting by, duking it out in the comments. But there is a golden standard of assertiveness but meekness, and I hope you'll find it where I failed. Now that your job had proved successful, do not feel the need to defend it, or people will look for a reason why you should. Thank you for your effort.

As my own words on the issue, the problem seems to lie in that people are comparing Onlyfactory to fanartists and private dollmakers. While all are technically illegal, the latter are given a nod from Hasbro (within reason) while Onlyfactory is not because it is a mass production factory. Surely you cannot compare factory produced goods against the love and care of a fanartist. The latter is not damaging to the copywrite holder, but the former is. Mass production is damaging.

What both sides to the debate have in common is a desire to support creativity and growth, but Onlyfactory is not the place to find it.

Silly Filly Studios is the very definition of this creativity, the very people you are arguing against. They created a full length animation from scratch, not a plushie from someone else's mind and an unshared passion. They do not have the weight of providing fans with cheap goods on their shoulders. It is not there's to bear. They are a small group of fans like you, and they also have rights.

The core issue was that Hasbro could have been forced to remove the animation 'Snowdrop' if this plushie came out. That was our concern, not just a cheap shot at the concept of right and wrong.

This fandom has more than enough merchandise to bring happiness go a fandom twice it's size. Please be thankful for what you have.

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Oh. I do admittedly feel better now knowing that.

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Thank you X) I'd like to stay out of it for now. SFS has approached the company and there's little to do for now.
It even looks like they want to keep it on the down low. I'll say my piece when the time comes though, you can be sure of that!

The SFS tumblr is linked above. I can't remember it off the top of my head (one of their first comments)